Experts debate Afghanistan Tonight 7/10/09 20:00 Radio 4.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EAGLE1, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Well it has been on.

    Joyce was one of "experts". Did little else than say get out asap and then seemed to prepare the ground for his own move to the European Parliament. Had a bit of a spat with the serving Brigadier who refused to bicker with him.

    Anti-war bint banged on about being like Vietnam, not our responsibility, should never interfere in other countries etc etc

    Brigadier stuck to Party line very well, but finished with a good bit about soldiers will do best to win only the British public can lose war for them by not backing them.

    Not much else of value
  2. Not sure about that. The counter insurgency expert from Kings College was interesting, particularly his focus on the home grown terrorist threat we face originating from the Pakistani community being far more significant than anything from Afghan.

    Joyce plugging the ESDP was a joke though and he didn't like Patrick Hennessey's point that the average squaddie would rather fight next to an American than a "miss mash" of Euro personnel. I wonder quite how far Labour's scorched earth policy is going to go because I don't think deliberately undermining our alliance with the US is beyond them.
  3. DAMN ! missed it, is ther any where that i could listen to it ?
  4. Thank you :)
  5. You miss out the bit about the Brigadier sounding ridiculously over scripted, over rehearsed and wooden. But then is it a serving Brigadier's job to justify and defend what is simply Government policy ? Get a Minister on and get him defending, rather than damaging the credibility of another serving officer.

    Incidentally - no mention in the "why we are there" piece of our role in screwing this place up (think 19th Century, think Durand Line, think inter war years, think funding and arming the Mujhaideen in the 80s - and our total catastrophic abandonment of the pieces left over in the triumphant 1990s); and even more oddly no mention of what people think the consequences are for Pakistan of a dominant Taliban movement in Afghanistan. What insurance premium are we prepared to pay to prevent a collapsed Pakistan, and a twitchy India ? I'd pay a pretty high one....
  6. India is the answer. Splash the entire Durand line with persistent chemical agent*, we'll deal with what's still inside Afghan and let the Indians clean house in Pakistan. From the conversations I've had with Mil' out there they are definitely up for it.

    * This may be a very daft statement