Experiment with Women Attending USMC Infantry Officer Course Not Going Well

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jumpinjarhead, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. 'Gender Neutral' JJH? That sounds nice. Does it equate to 'lower the standards' to ensure diversity and equality?

    BTW, who's driving this?
  2. Gender neutral, what a lovely euphemism. Standards are already gender neutral (unless of course the USMC has a see how high you can piss up the wall test).
  3. Hah! "Gender neutral" is like beauty--depending on the agenda of the beholder.
  4. At least they had the balls to try....

    I'll get me coat.
  5. The Commandant of the USMC who has proven to be especially "malleable" to the desires of our current Masters.
  6. “I want to try to open up a door, maybe, for women after me. I don’t know how far it will open, but I’m hoping to make a difference for women down the road.”

    I've no knowledge in these matters, but shouldn't her priority have been to learn how to effectively lead troops in combat and take care of them?
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  7. As I recall this is the one where the recommendations were to be made, before the course was completed n'est pas? Looks like the women have helped out in the report's conclusions.

    One thing caught my eye;

    '...the Corps’ intent to recruit female volunteers for subsequent iterations of the course.'

    Sort of implies that there will be more 'volunteers', they just don't know it yet, presumably until the right conclusion is reached. A bit like EU referendums.
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  8. Indeed--the fix is already in.
  9. My condolences, JJH! Army Times has been carrying similar letters from busybodies who are worried about female officers. They are worried that without a Ranger tab on their shoulder women hit a glass ceiling in the progression up the ranks and it just isn't fair. etc. etc. and it's just a "good old boy" conspiracy. Etc. babble babble mutter. I fully expect some push coming (from this administration) to admit women in to a future Ranger class to redress a perceived imbalance in the number of women advanced to Major, etc.. This is insanity.

    demi moore bald.jpg
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  10. What you said---GI JAne will soon be in the next BUDS class as well.
  11. So...... They're going to put people's lives in danger for diversity or so more people can be included? I guess I shouldn't be so surprised.

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  12. Sent from your head dobber more like.

    You vs me and Mrs JJH in a fight. Bring it.
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  13. I guess I put that wrong. I feel women should be able to do any job they want, if they qualify, just like everyone else. Lowering the standards for diversity sake is doing them a great disservice. I in no way meant any offence.

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  14. ...Ahh, you see YG , that's the problem...YOU may not have meant any offence, but IF some over sensitive soul, looking to be outraged, IS offended by what you said then you are in trouble.

    For me, the best words I've heard say on this were from a female Marine Officer - not sure what her job in the Corp was?...but she said something along the lines of ' It's agreed that it's unfair for us to compete against men in sport, so why would we compete against them in combat?'
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