Experiences with the AFCS.

Hi everyone,

I'm an Ex RAF TG4 Tech. I've posted here because over 70% of AFCS claims are made Army personnel and that means a greater pool of people with first hand experience of the AFCS processes.

I first submitted my claim under the AFCS in July of 2018 and I still have no resolution.

My claim has been handled appallingly. Evidence has been ignored, my claim misrepresented, I have been lied to continuously.

My original claim was rejected on grounds that I never claimed. I submitted an appeal in September 2019, it took a year for a PAR to be carried out (I understand Covid badly impacted service provision so the delay is understandable). The PAR found that I had met the criteria to apply under the AFCS and they passed my appeal back to the claims team.

The claims team dropped my appeal and started a new claim using evidence that was superceded by new evidence submitted with 2019 appeal. They then immediately rejected this new claim using evidence that had nothing to do with my condition or claim.

They then told me that if I disagreed with the new decision that I would have to submit a new appeal against a claim that I never actually made.

From there it's taken another year to get to the tribunal and they still haven't directly addressed my claim or my supporting evidence and I'm still awaiting a tribunal date.

I'm going to a tribunal to argue against a decision that was made on a claim I never made.

For the last year Veterans UK have lied to me, they have lied to me and the courts.

I have spoken directly to my MP who has been helping me with these issues.

I would really like to get some feedback from other service personnel who have experienced similar treatment so I can show my MP the scale of the problem.

I personally believe that they employ similar tactics used by the DWP to discourage people from claiming the vital financial support that they are entitled to and it also goes against the reason the AFCS exists in the first place.
New resource went online last week, might be worth perusing.


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While this doesn't help your case for poor service, I've recently had a 6 week turnaround from claim to payment for a knee injury.

I was apprehensive about applying due to the horror stories you hear about the time and effort required to "fight" the system. Since my positive experience I've urged a few friends to claim as they too were thinking it was too much hassle. Just showing that it's not all doom and gloom when it comes to AFCS.
Hi everyone

I’m currently going through yet another appeal and I can relate to the peoples stressfulness of the Veterans UK either totally trying not to pay out or really have do not got a clue either way very poor. That my opinion on my experience.

My question is if you have two injuries with in the same band: for example if you have 2 injuries in band d level 9 do you move up to band c. Veterans UK have told me that would only happen if the injuries happened from the same incident. I find that hard to believe because that would mean someone could have two separate exact injuries would be entitled to less than the one who’s had one accident with the same injury and disability caused by the MOD.
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Current experience with AFCS is in early days, my claim was submitted in April '22 and have been advised it will take 4-5 months to be looked at in the first instance and 9-10 months is the average timescale currently.
I am hoping that pensions are not the same as I have a last day of service quite a bit before that timescale!
All depends on the type of injury and how and where it occurred.

Physical injury as a result of enemy action and it’s quite straightforward, because (1) the injury will be well documented (2) it’s easy to show it’s as a result of service.

Other end of the scale is MH conditions. It’s more difficult to show there is a genuine condition in the first place and that if there is, that it occurred as a result of service.

Two things don’t help (1). There’s a lot of bluffers. (2). People don’t provide the necessary evidence required.

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