Experiences transferring from TA to Regs

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SWEATY_MONG, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. I'm a L/Cpl in a TA Inf Bn, and have served since 2001. I'm thinking of volounteering for Herrick 13 (hoping it will be better than Telic 8) and the possibility of going in the Regs afterwards. Am I right in thinking that providing I'm up to scratch, I could be asked to join the regular Bn I serve with? Has anyone got any advice on this issue or any personal experience? Had searched on similar threads but not got much info.
  2. pretty much yeah, providing you pass medical, interview at your local AFCO together with a request from reg CO saying he wants you, but as the army is apparently at full strength and over recruited you might have missed the boat
  3. Thanks for that. I imagine medical etc should pose no problems especially if I've passed one for Herrick. I take it my current rank etc does not count? :?
  4. Manage your expectations and speak to the RCMO as soon as possible. All conversions are currently off according to Glasgow, this might change by the time you mobilise / FTRS.
  5. Thanks Bullshot. Going to query it a bit further next week with my unit to see what other advice I can get. Need to get as much info as possible to sell the idea to my Domestic Sunray! :D
  6. if you perform well you might be taken on with your rank, however this happened to a mate of mine and there was some resentment by some of his new work mates.
  7. Its a very simple process if you are deployed with a regular unit and this is the unit you want to join then the most important factor is that you must be reccommended by your chain of command ultimately the Commanding officer ,its his reccommendation APC look at along with your service records if you cut the mustard then it is a simple change of TACOS,bear in mind any career qualifications you may have picked up in the TA (SCBC for example )will not carry over you will have to complete the full regular course,but in essence a very simple process lots have already taken this route.Start point for your application is the CofC via platoon/coy commander and RCMO.
  8. oh and forgot to say rank is taken into consideration but as you said you are L/Cpl lets be sensible you will most likely transfer over at private level unless you are very good.
  9. Sweaty

    Recruiting Group Instructions
    Chapter 7

    11.271. Those who wish to transfer to the Regular Army (less FTRS). Applications to transfer from the Territorial Army (TA) to the Regular Army are not uncommon, increasingly so for TA soldiers with recent operational experience (within the last 12 months). The transfer process is relatively easy. Highlighted below is a simple step-by-step guide outlining the transfer process:

    a. Step 1. An individual decides they wish to transfer to the Regular Army. He or she seeks guidance from their Adjutant in the first instance. The Adjutant will provide advice and guidance on the transfer process and also arrange for a letter of recommendation to be written by the Commanding Officer and mustering of medical documents. The individual is also to complete RG 8 Part 1.

    b. Step 2. Individual visits and arranges an interview at their local AFCO/ACIO. Adjutant passes on letter of recommendation and medical documents prior to interview. Individual will be subjected to the standard Army educational and medical entry assessments relating to the Regiment or Corps they wish to join (this may be different to the unit in which they are currently serving). RG 8 and medical documents forwarded to ADSC for screening (without confirmation of capbadge ADSC will probably be unwilling to process Applicant). Providing he or she pass the entry standards, their application, on an AFB 203, along with the recommendation from the Commanding Officer, will be sent to the APC, CSS DMS MS Occurrences who will then make an offer, in conjunction with the relevant MCM Div (MCM Divs are only interested in trained personnel and would have no interest in untrained TA soldiers), based on the application form and vacancies available.

    c. Step 3. Relevant MCM Div/APC (CSS DMS MS Occurrences) will confirm at what phase of training an individual should enter the Regular Army and at what rank, based on their TA rank and experience (this will happen for TA soldiers with recent operational experience). Previous military training and experience, particularly operational, will obviously be taken into account during this process, to ensure no unnecessary training is demanded from individuals. Where possible a waiver will be provided for Common Military Syllabus (Recruit), i.e. Regular Phase 1 Training, however this will not always be the case and in certain instances individuals may be asked to complete this aspect as a condition.

    d. Step 4. Once accepted, individuals will be discharged from the TA before enlisting, at the local AFCO/ACIO as a Regular Soldier. Any Special-to¬-Arm (STA) training will be determined by the relevant Regiment or Corps he or she decides to join. If individuals remain in the same Regiment or Corps then accreditation may be provided for your previous STA training conducted while in the TA.

    11.272. Those that have left the TA and wish to enlist into the Regular Army. Treated as a new Contact depending on length of time out of the service.

    In my previous job i did a couple of these, one a JNCO like yourself with a couple of tours under his belt went straight to the BN. The other who thought he knew best did his own thing screwed up his ADSC and ended up going into training at week 4, both were identical in all aspects only their execution was different, if i were you i would contact your local ACIO and if you have one the ROSO but the above should get you started.

    Good luck you wont regret it.
  10. Thanks for all the advice fellas, I'm hoping to have passed SCBC early on next year (depending on what's happening with TA courses) so hopefully that will stand me in good stead with the reccommendations from my unit. Spoke to Domestic Sunray this weekend and she seems quite keen on the idea as she knows I'll be happier in the Regs than plodding along in the old 9-5 routine. Looking forward to getting the ball rolling now! :D
  11. morris viper you seem to know alot about this i wonder if you can help me i want to transfer from ta to reg got my name down for herrick 13 my mate done the same done a tour and transered but he did it befor he was 33 im going to be 33 while im out there so what im wondering is can i still transfer over to do full term 22???
  12. Nick

    The problem will be do they have a vacancy, most units are "fully manned" according to RG figures so at 33 it would be very much up to the unit,you will certainly not get a 22 year career at your age,but good luck with the tour.