Experiences on a injury- Not looking for a diagnosis

Quick question

I've started to develop a tendon (almost like heavily bruised) area on the heel of my right foot. It's been there for a week or so, but I did a long run wednesday, did some boxing yesterday and this morning I couldn't put any weight on the thing. It seems better now however.

In the last week, and wednesday for example, it's been sore, however a bit of a warm up or a few hundred metres and it's good to go.

Has anyone had anything similar. I assume not running is the way to go for a week or so.
I had one of them after a lot of hill walking, I rested it, rubbed in loads of Movelat (I think) and in a couple of weeks it went down. I don't know, though, whether this was an indication of susceptibility for future problems, because a few years of hard training later and really significant problems with the achilles started. Knowing what I know now I'd have done more "proper" exercise, using the achilles in the way it was designed to be used, and less really ballistic stuff, leaping, plyometrics and so on. I think a lot of circuit training is fine, but some of it is just designed to cause problems.

I'd be very wary of the "I warm up and its okay" - I was at the stage where I couldn't walk in the mornings, couldn't get my heel on the ground, and a warm up meant I could still go ballistic. However, once you have chronic achilles tendonitis you are a good effort away from a ruptured achilles - life virtually over. I was lucky (or I have been, so far).
Hello Ian1983

Assess your situation in detail. Judging from your other posts you're getting closer to the last age for RMA entry, and you've got one attempt only remaining. Now you've got an injury that you don't understand but potentially could be a show-stopper.

Get yourself to the best physio that you can find, and follow their advice to the letter.

Good Luck

Old Rat
Hello all

Many thanks for the input (especially Ratty). I have heard the phrase 'achilles blow out' from a few sources, so I'm taking this one easy.

I've been taking ibuprofen over the weekend and stretching out the affected leg multiple times everyday. I will give it two weeks of complete rest in regards to running and standing.
After pay day if there is any doubt what so ever I will get it properly looked at at a physio (I might enquire today about it).

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