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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gos2488, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. HI,

    Serving Firearms Cop. Thinking of applying for TA Infantry Officer and got some questions that someone will hopefully answer.

    I'm 33 and wear contact lenses. Will the contacts be an issue living in the "field" etc? (apologies if the lingo is incorrect).

    Secondly, I'm told that the TA is now certainly not (if ever) a boys club and that deployment is quite possible, can anyone clarify if you HAVE to deploy and if your having doubts about that if your not in the correct mindset anyway?

    Thirdly, would the leadership/management training courses I receive in any TA officer branch be excellent and assist with the day job? Just how good is it?

    Thanks in advance.....
  2. I would have thought that's a given?
  3. ManyTA infantry officers have served more than one tour in both Iraq and Afghanistan, leading a mixture of regular and TA troops in often demanding roles.

    A common misconception amongst both civvies and some of the civilian uniformed jobs out there: an Army officer does not scream and shout and expect everyone to do as he says without question: soldiers are amongst the most demanding bunch of ***** on the planet: if they think you, as an officer, don't know what you are doing then they will tell you in clear Anglo-Saxon and Celtic vernacular.

    As someone who only reached about 8 ranks higher than my own (Capt) once remarked: the art of leadership is getting people to willingly do what they don't want to do.

    Give a dangerously stupid order and the soldiers will tell you to **** off (if another officer or NCO hasn't beaten them to it). Ask for help and advice and they will give it: a better bunch of ***** the world has yet to find.
  4. Always thought that to be honest...

    What have you found to be an effective approach? (other than being competent that is)
    and do you think TA Officer training would dramatically improve leadership qualities?
  5. Firstly I’ll point I’m not in the infantry but the engineers – but officer training is an all arms affair so I can comment on the stuff you will do prior to commissioning with some authority.

    Firstly, you age will be an issue. You need to get to Sandhurst prior to your 35th birthday if you want to commission and there is a lot of training you will need to do before that. Assuming that you are not already in, you will first need to join and then pass your recruits training which can take up to a year, but can be much quicker if you are very committed. Once you have done that you will need to put yourself forward for officer training. The first stumbling blocks that people hit are the selection boards (Army Officer Selection Board or AOSB). You have an AOSB briefing first which can pass you directly – fine go straight to AOSB, or you can be allocated a delay (6-36 months) before you are allowed to progress to AOSB. Fitness is often one that trips people up.

    I think most officer training wings now want you to have completed AOSB briefing before they will let you start officer training, which when I did it in 2005/6 was 10 weekends followed by a 2 week course followed by 3 weeks at Sandhurst. Realistically the quickest you could do this would be in about 8 months – if you were very committed and had plenty of holidays from work.

    Alternatively there is Exercise Summer Leader which is a zero to hero course that is run over around 12 weeks in the summer – which can be great if you are a student or unemployed. But you would need AOSB out of the way first.

    As for your contact lenses, I know of plenty of people who have successfully managed with contacts while in the field on exercise – but I couldn’t comment on ops. It may be easier because you would probably get more admin time.

    As for deployement, I belive they are making it so you have to volunteer for ops every 5 years – but that doesn’t mean you will go. Usually they will try to mobilise only those who actually want to deploy, so its very unlikely you will be forced out the door if you really don’t want to. Having said that you should not join the TA if you don’t want to deploy at some point.

    And finally, you can get a Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership with the Chartered Management Institute. It was only just being instigated when I went through but it may be easier to get sorted these days.

    I hope my extended waffle was of use.

  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    As said before, if you want to go for it, move fast. If you want to be in the TA but really don't think that you want to mobilise, look at UK based Corps options rather than the TA Inf.
  7. If leadership is considered as the ability to:

    a) Select an achievable aim.
    b) Identify the positive and negative peculiarities of any given situation.
    c) Make a plan to harness or overcome the factors/obstacles identified in b)
    d) Implement the plan with the resources available in the time available (the opening part being to convince troops of the efficacy of the plan)

    Officer training provides a foundation for a) and b), though experience and further study helps a good deal more. Officer training definitely helps with c) and d) - which of course develops with experience of getting it wrong and learning from mistakes.

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
  8. p.s. From my own experience you'd be better off forgetting the contacts and buying two pairs of glasses with black frames. A similar question came up a couple of years ago on another thread where it was discussed at length. I knew an SAS subaltern who wore the weediest National Health specs and they didn't seem to do him any harm in the field.
  9. you dont want to deploy but want the quals?? why not f*ck off the the acf??

    oh wait you wanna big time being a infantry officer... bore off!
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  10. for your third question, yes. learning how to nosh off higher rank goes down well in your CV!
  11. If you don't want to deploy, don't waste everybodys' time or money, just so you can act the Walt down at the section house. Wars are for fighting not bullshitting about, to get pussy
  12. Oh wait, maybe the ACF's for you. Serving Firearms Cop? Surely it would be Police Armed Response Officer, or some other PC shite. So you labled yourself as a Walt straight away. Unless you're a Yank?