Experience of ethnic minorities in the Engineers

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Semperfidelis, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Before I get any flak, I am not calling the Army racist nor do I have any more reason to think it is or to think it isn't as a whole. Anyway, with that out of the way... Hi, I'm going into the Royal Engineers as a sparky and I can't wait. I'm just asking an open ended question here as to what the experience has been for ethnic minorities in the corps. Good, bad or the same as all the other guys. Thanks.
  2. Giving due regard to your username... ...and your intended Corps....

    Are you aware that this is a site pertaining to the BRITISH Army?

    (Semperfidelis is the motto of the Brazilian Engineers) :)

    And no, there's no discrimination. Not even against Brazilians. You must be thinking of the Met Police.
  3. Hmmm, also the unabbreviated version of "Semper Fi".

    Wanna be a yank marine? If you are fat and have a daft accent you have passed USMC basic already :)
  4. What perspective are you coming at this from Semperfidelis?
    White supremacist or zero index?
  5. Or is he talking about the "more ethnic" - as in Pakistanis, Africans, Fijiians etc. etc. God forbid he is talking about women in the Army - that would just be a disgrace.
  6. I am a black British male who has passed selection for the Engineers. My chosen username may seem misleading but it is merely a Latin phrase meaning 'always faithful'. As I have said I'm black British and I'm going to Bassingbourn next year. Sorry if my opening post seemed rude but I have noticed people jump to conclusions on here as to what you are asking and why you are asking it. I want to be a soldier and I want to be a Sapper, I also want to know what my experience of the job may be like.
  7. Actually, The 1st (Exeter and South Devon) Rifle Volunteer Corps, raised in Exeter in 1852, was using the motto on its cap badge by 1860 first, not the yanks! They can not do anything original :)
  8. SF, it's like many organisations - if you're not looking for discrimination, then you probably won't find it. A lot depends on your attitude.

    If you're awarded the nickname "Chalkie", would you see this as a racist slur or just relish the fact that you're so well liked that your mates have given you a pet name?

    We've all been through instances where we've felt that we've been unfairly picked on. I lost out on "Best Recruit" because I was studying for A-levels at a time when most Infantrymen left school without any qualifications. Or at least, that's the reason that I've decided on. If I'd also been black, I could have blamed it on skin colour, I suppose. But what I'm certain of, is that there was no malice intended - and the lad who got it was more chuffed than I would have been, so that took the edge off the disappointment.

    I was in a unit which had two LCpls with the name of Green. One was white, the other was black. For differentiation, one became known as Cpl Light Green, the other as Cpl Dark Green. Neither took offence - and why should they? Again, it comes down to no malice intended.

    Banter, there almost certainly will be. Respond in a similar vein. If it gets out of hand, you have the same recourse as anybody else - ask the offending person to cool it and if that fails, follow the grievance procedure.

    The rules are for the benefit and guidance of everyone. And no, you don't get out of wearing cam cream. :)
  9. It does not matter what colour you are, what religion you practice or what gender you choose to sleep with, it matters how you perform as a Sapper. If you are a good egg, expect no problems, if you are an arse expect plenty of shoite. If you are an arse and use your differences to the majority to justify you being an arse or gain leverage then expect to be treated as a pariah.
    If you are Welsh expect shoite anyway, fecking blodwyns.
  10. Just get your head down, crack on and don't make a big deal about it and no one will care.

    a few don'ts, that may be obvious but I'll tell you anyway

    don't assume every bad thing that happens to you is because of your race

    don't play "the card" when it suits you.

    don't shy away from banter, and give as good as you get, it'll repay you tenfold.

    Little example.

    5 field squadron used to have "Chard day" once a year in memory of the famous VC winner from rorke's Drift which basically involved squadron sports, go up the bar, watch "Zulu" for the eleventy billionth time and get shiters.

    A well known and much loved coloured guy guy in the squadron would regularly turn up dressed as aforementioned Zulu's and offer the whole squadron out "for a fackin rematch you c unts"

    Get involved, be proud of who and what you are (which is a Sapper first before anything else) and give as good as you get and you'll be more than fine.
  11. It could be far worse,you could have been a Jock or a Paddy :D
  12. The Corp is as same as most of society in that it is not inheriently racist however there may be a few narrow minded people who are. My troop is from all nations and ethnic backgrounds and we all get on with no problems, there will always be banter but you will have to decide if they are crossing your line and then let them know.
    Lastly welcome to the Corp and all the best
  13. But you had to join as a sparky didn't you. :D

    Most people will treat you as they would want to be treated themselves, get stuck in and have a great time. I've known a few coloured Sappers and they gave as good as they got, and that was before all this PC shiote. But remember you are and will always be a Sapper, it's a way of life and everyone else is envious of us. :D
  14. What gungythree said. You'll be fine.
  15. Or heaven forbid.... *gulp*

    A f-ucking ginger.

    *scrapes tongue and dry heaves repeatedly*