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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by rvm1197, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. l am thinking of joining the AAC and think its one of the best to join, as l dont know anything of day to day life, ups and downs, and all else that comes with the job l was hoping to get some response on here.

    l just want to know what is good about the AAC, what is not good,

    how hard is 2nd phase training? whats involved that makes it hard?

    whats the day to day life like in the regiment?

    is adventure training a word hardly spoken or an activity used alot?

    im keen to know what im getting myself in for. please be as honest and open as you can. thanks
  2. hmm deja vu!!

    hmm deja vu!!
  3. Quote:
    what is life like in the AAC?

    Good by comparison to some other Regts/Corps.

    that helps alot, also l am asking questions l didnt ask before and or l didnt get a reply l was hoping for. before was about my age and keeping my rank. If you were ot ask what a day to day life in the infantry would be l could tell ya, l dont want to sign up and get iun and realise its not what l imagined.
  4. Generally better than the the Infantry! Although we do low level Infantry tactics like any other non "close with the enemy" unit, in the main we concentrate on our specialisations be it comms/MPS/refueller/QMs or, if that is the way you wish to go, aircrew as a rear crewman or pilot. To perfectly honest, to get a real feel, contact your nearest unit and ask for a familiarisation day, your aspirations will be catered for whichever path you plan to follow. The RCMO is a good start and if you specify, he should keep it confidential in the early stages if you so wish.
  5. cool, thanks for that, my vision was doing some infantry tactics but mainly drills on re arm and re fuel plus comms exercises etc, it sounds really good to me l just want to get in, those that are in l am jealous of, l spoke to my old CSM who is now a capt in your corps and he said its different and in some ways better, but not greener as in the other side. my aim if l get in on time is to start off as ground crew and get my hgv, hazmat then work up to aircrew and hopefully onto to pilot. when l left the army l was 26 just and a lance jack, l am hoping they migth move the goalposts for me to let me apply for pilot, l might be 30 now but it means l wont come out until l am 45 -46. l dont think l am any special l just want to get back in and finish off my career and make a good go of it. l was told the air corps are 21% over manned, well......theyre just gonna hve to make it 22%!!
    l dont care where l am stationed either, just hope l get to go on plenty of tours.
  6. I doubt it...But never say never :roll: