Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by kingburn_99, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Hello all, a question really for any admin spotters out there!?

    Firstly I am T.A...... So i am off to take part in Army in York for the next 3-4 weeks and basically as a money scrounging barsteward i want to know what expenses i can claim for? i have asked my AO but he didnt reply (e-mail) so if anyone out there knows i would much appreciate some help.

    The camp i am staying in is Pay as you dine which i am new to, can i claim this back!?


  2. no1 bump bump bump!?
  3. Have a read of JSP 752
  4. Don't quote me but I believe(and I have claimed it myself with no dramas) you are entitled to £5 per day incidental expenses if you are housed in a PAYD facility.
  5. If you are on temp duty away from your normal duty station you are entitled to IE at £5.00 per night - this is in no way linked to PAYD. These days you should pay for your food either via PAYD or by paying the daily food charge if at a non PAYD unit - non re claimable.

  6. Paywog, I've just had an IE claim knocked back by our NRPS RAWO and would appreciate some advice (preferably Chapt & verse!). I travelled to one of our very detached Sqns on a Tues, did some work then stayed in a hotel overnight. The next day I did some more work at the unit then travelled back.

    I claimed for the hotel, meal out & meal return plus IE for both days.

    I was told you can only claim IE once in a 24 hr period.
  7. Fraid he/she is correct JSP 752:

    03.0113. Incidental Expenses (IE). IE are designed to cover necessary
    personal incidental expenses actually incurred when an overnight absence in a hotel
    or temporary Service single accommodation is occupied. Allowable expenses are the
    cost of laundry/dry cleaning expenses, a daily telephone call home of up to 3 minutes
    duration and a daily newspaper. Where however, a Service person purchases a
    phone card for use during an IE earning period, the actual total cost of that phone card
    may be split over a number of days provided that the cost of 3 minutes call time per
    day is not exceeded (ie a 20 minute phone card may be purchased for use over a 7
    day period). Likewise, Service personnel with an entitlement to claim IE may choose
    not to have their laundry/dry cleaning done each day. Where this is the case the total actual cost of the laundry/dry cleaning incurred may be spread over a number of days
    of the IE earning period. Hotel internet charges may also be considered as IE. This is
    on the basis that the internet is used as an alternative to claiming for a newspaper
    and/or a phone call home. Receipts for expenditure are not required and
    reimbursement of IE will be paid at a fixed daily capped rate as shown at Chapter 1
    Section 6. IE may be paid concurrently with all types of NS and daily combinations of
    NS and DS, but not normally with DS alone. However, where Service personnel are
    required to sleep overnight in the cab of a vehicle as part of their core duties
    (excluding those who sleep in vehicles during exercises/operations), they may,
    exceptionally, claim DS and IE concurrently with no NS. In these circumstances the
    actual cost of a shower taken at an overnight truck stop may also be claimed as part of
    the IE. Service personnel on duty who are hospitalized in the UK or overseas, are
    eligible to claim IE for additional admissible items, for example: TV usage, the
    purchase of books and magazines, stationery and postage. IE is paid for any period
    for which there is an entitlement to NS (normally limited to 30 days but there are
    exceptions (eg resettlement courses)) and for the duration of any entitlement for living
    on temporary assignment in Service single accommodation (with no limit provided the
    entitlement continues).

    1 Apr 07 1 Aug 07
    UK £5.00 per 24 hour
    £5.00 per 24 hour
    period (No change)
    Overseas £10.00 per 24 hour
    £10.00 per 24 hour
    period (No change)

  8. So for example if I am a visiting instructor at a PAYD RTC then this is not my normal duty station & I am entiteled to claim the IE once every 24hrs ( or twice in a single weekend)?
  9. Not sure about twice in a weekend but yes you are entitled to IE. The reference to PAYD in my previous post was with regard to PAYD being a good combat indicator to wether you are entitled to IE. If you are not in a PAYD establishment then your own unit have applied for and recieved CILOR or you are under field conditions, for example Annual Camp is a non starter for claiming IE.

    *Disclaimer* The above is the way it was explained to me so don't quote me on it and don't shoot me if it's bad advice.
  10. You think that this means the recruits can claim IE when they're with us at Redford RTC? sounds like a cunning plan brewing.
  11. Recruits are able to claim IE whilst housed with you in Redford RTC.

    Just a pity no-one has told them.....

    Incidently(see what i did there?) do they PAYD?
  12. cheers fellas....looks like £5 daily is my limit....better than a kick in the balls though!

    Thanks Again


  13. Yeah I did see and wasnt worth comment! as to the IE .....yes it its PAYD and they have too, not that I doubt your word Dev.....cos I know you wouldnt lie to me plus I know where you live, BTW your grass needs cut!,but if pay type guru can confirm this and explain where to find it and how to claim I'd be grateful