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Hello there,

I have Briefing on the 1-2 June down in Westbury. I am being sent a rail warrant however I wouldn't mind driving down as I would hate to be late due to engineering works etc.

As I am currently up in the NW, it is a fair trek down. And I have another trip to the Sigs on 15-16 June, in Dorset.

If I need to absorb the expense of fuel, thats OK, but if the Army have an allowance for this sort of thing it could help.

Also, I remember reading a post which had some links to practice mental maths. I've done the BBC Skillwise ones, but I would still like to improve distance, speed, time calculations. Any ideas?

Thanks :)
The Army will pay transport costs, whether that be rail warrant or fuel allowance per mile. As far as I'm aware you can return your warrant to them on the 1st and they will arrange for your fuel costs to be covered instead. I usually take the train but as far as I'm aware that's how it works.

As for SDT, the following might help: RAF SDT

I find it helps to work it out as follows: if given a speed, work out how many minutes per mile. For example, 20 mph is 3 minutes per mile. Therefore, to cover 128 miles is 384 minutes or 6 hours 24 minutes. Hope it helps!
Hadn't received my joining instructions for my Briefing so gave the office a call, turns out my Doc hadn't sent my forms off when he said he had and now I'm looking at 29-30 June instead!

Argh. Suppose it gives me more time to get the mental maths and SDT boxed off. Thanks for the link :)

Any ideas on the fuel allowance? Is it 30p/m or something?

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