expense fiddling peers 'victims of racism'

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Expenses: peers expenses cheats ‘were victims of racism’ - Telegraph

'During the debate, Lord Alli, a multi-millionaire media entrepreneur and, argued that the suspensions should not be imposed because the peers were the victim of racial bias.
Saying that he was not accusing the committee itself of racism, he went on: “But it cannot have escaped your attention that the only three members of the House who were referred to the Committee for Privileges and Conduct and subsequently investigated under these procedures were all Asian.
"In the rush to apologise for the expense system for which we should all be embarrassed, it should not be at the cost of justice or fairness for all regardless of race."
As he sat down, Baroness Flather, a cross bencher of Indian origin, said that she was “sad” that the peers involved in cheating their expenses had all been of Asian origin, and attacked the three over their claims.
Criticising Lord Paul for statements he made in which he claimed he did not understand the term “main residence” as it was not part of his “culture,” she added: "I want to say how distressing it is for me personally to find the 80th richest man, Lord Paul, saying that he didn't understand what 'main' and 'residence' meant.
"All of us know what they mean. And if we don't, may I suggest that we should not be sitting in this chamber.'

er...perhaps it's less to do with their racial origin and more to do with the fact they got caught with their hands in the till, you mong. Baroness Flather seems to be calling it what it is mind.
I fucking hate these 'racism' callers. Just because you're from an ethnic minority doesn't mean you're not a cunt.
Two edges to that sword - they most likely received their peerage because they are Asian.

after all, they wouldn't have received it for funding the labour party.
Has anyone seen Balthazar? It's just that I want to see how he blames all this on "whitey".
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