Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So Gerry Adams has expelled Denis Donaldson after he has admitted he was a British Agent for more than 20 years.
    Donaldson & 2 others were cleared of spying inside Storemont.
    Adams called for a end to British spying & said "This entire episode underlines the need for a end to political policing,That & defending the good friday agreement remains the focus of Sinn Fein.
    Apparently the Unionists were shocked by the expulsion & Adams said he would be talking to Blair & Ahern & briefing them on the situation.

    Hypocrasy at it's best!
  2. They weren't cleared - the prosecution simply offered no evidence, in the Partei interest (or was it publi interest?).

    And of course, as Peter Hain and Lord Cronysmith have told us, there was no political motivation in the decision not to proceed...
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I was quoting off Sky News.Makes you wonder tho just who is running Northern Ireland?Imagine what would have happened if this occured in Parliment?The sentence where they 'stated' Adams would be 'briefing' the Teiosic & Blair made me wonder if Adams was now a member of the British Parliment even tho he turned it down ages ago.Maybe he's twisting Blair around his finger ? (again!)
  4. I wonder how he "admitted" his guilt ? Is he now sans kneecaps? In the good old days, he would now be lying in a culvert in S Armagh with a bin liner on his head
  5. What I don't get is if he's working for the british why charge him in the first place? Was he charged by the police and then the intel boys suddenly found out their agent had been charged?
  6. Sinn Fein and the truth are hardly well acquainted (I'm not even sure they have been introduced) so maybe Gerry and Co. have prompted him to tell a few porkies in order to further discredit the British "securocrats" they keep whinging about. That might also explain why he has been expelled fairly amicably instead of by their traditional method.
  7. Wasn't there a deal whereby anyone who admitted to helping the brits, even over many years,
    was 'let off'., but if they caught you it was shoes off in the ditch?
  8. I realise I am probably going to be wrong on this, like the time Sinn Fein found a bugging device on one of their cars and Mo Mowlam eventually admitted it had been planted by British intelligence. I would rather find that Sinn Fein are lying (again) than have HMG admit Donaldson was a British agent, because that just makes British intelligence look incompetent by allowing the whole shambles to happen.
  9. I think back in the day if you admitted it you would be sent into exile or something similar but not killed. Gerry Adams is smart enough to know that these days the costs/benefits of killing the guy once they found out he had been turned meant that they couldn't kill him. By the way if the IRA are lying and this guy never admitted he was an agent and it's all some elaborate ruse he would certainly be taking one for the team. I don't imagine he'll get a good reception back home from the republican rank and file.
  10. Whatever, were I Donaldson's insurance agent, I'd not be spending my share of his life insurance premium profits.
  11. Completely off topic - Vegetius standing as Avatar King is surely under challange from BaseMetalChild?
  12. Interesting interpretation of the spelling of Taoiseach. :D

    Couple of things to add here.

    1. It would be interesting to see the reaction of the Labour and Conservative parties should they find out that the intelligence services have penetrated the party organisation.

    2. Unless you chaps are eager to head back over there in droves to act as Fig. 11s, might I be so humble as to suggest that the powers at be, be given some slack when dealing with the fcukers? In every other post-conflict situation we are dealing with (Bos, Kosovo, Iraq) we expect the protagonists to turn a blind eye to certain activities perpetrated by their opponents, in the hope of building a robust peace in the long term. Why should NI be any different?
  13. A lovely idea, crabt. Unfortunately, 'a robust peace' would by definition exclude Provisional Sinn Fein. They're revolutionary socialists, committed to the obliteration of opposition (must be a lyric in that, somewhere...)
  14. The gummint has been saying for years that they had infiltrated PIRA/SF at the highest level. That says two thiongs to me. 1. The gummint has infiltrated PIRA/SF at the highest level and 2. Even if they haven't it keeps ol Gerry and the boys wondering when something goes wrong. (It has been responsible for the execution of a number of players who were suspected of touting).

    Having read the report it seems yer man was not contacted by Special Branch since 2002 until the day before his admission. So he's either had an amazing attack of conscience or he's got cold feet at the latest request from plod.

    Either way I'm gobsmacked that he's had the boz to come out and admit it. What's the bottom line for him? Has Aunty Betty provided him with a suitable retirement home somewhere in Spain? Is it all part of a bigger plot whereby he admits he was an agent but never really was but the disclosure gives Gerry & Co the opportunity to get some press coverage or, are they polishing a bullet for his napper as we speak?