Needing some help from any one who can point me in the right direction.

Our CO has tasked all the subbies with creating a plan for an expedition to be held in 2007.

I've never been involved with planning an expedition, so if any one has any advice, warning orders, admin instructions or plans I can crib from, I'd appreciate it.

Has anyone ever done a canoeing expedition? If so is it worth doing and where?



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Mate, phone a friend. But first, think about the maddest, bestest exped, the sort where all your soldiers would come back thinking it was the best trip ever. That's what you should be going for.
Try your local OTC. Adventure training wallahs are drawn to them like flies round shoite. Something to do with lycra and lots of opportunities for hands-on 'assistance'. Who knows, one of them might even have time to talk to you while they are taking a [ahem] breather. :wink:
Go and have a look at the Adventurous Training Group web site of army net, you can get some ideas from this.

The biggest problem you will have with any AT is finding the correct scale of qualified personnel to do anything. All TA units are mandated to do AT every year and every unit should have a ATO (adventurous training officer) for which I understand there is a course, so your starter could be to get on this.

If you are doing any training for more than 2 days then it must be authorised by filling in a JSAFTA, which can be a bit of a pain.

However, take all the pain away by taking the boys and girls down to 14 Sigs AT centre in Pembroke. They have all the kit and can provide instructors; sometimes they are civi for which the unit has to pay. The contact details are all on the army website.

Good luck.
Armynet has(or at least had) an AT forum, for requests for instructors and the like - there may be some people on there who will help you out with your queries.


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