Expedition to raise £1 Million for Combat Stress

Hi All,

I thought i'd let you all know about the expedition i am embarking on. You may have already been told about it via a friend who posts on this forum but i thought i'd come put a post up anyway.

On March 24th 2010 i left my home and began a 3 year journey to circle the globe without using any motorized transport. I plan to cycle 40,000 miles across 5 continents and sail over 10,000 miles across 2 oceans. The aim of the journey is 2 fold. Firstly, i hope to raise awareness of climate change but secondly, and i feel more importantly, i want to raise awareness of PTSD in veterans and also raise £1 Million for Combat Stress.

As you can imagine the planning and preparation for the exped has been a huge undertaking and the journey itself will be even more so. As of yet i have not been able to gain any publicity for the expedition in any national media outlet and so my fund raising attempt is going quite badly (as is the expedition -- i was knocked off my back by a hit and run driver in Devon).

Please head over to my website to learn more about the expedition.

All the best,

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