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Anyone got any experiance of using these ? Good or bad ? makes to avoid or recomend ?
Years ago I could happily sleep on the floor and not wake up with back ache , now I find that even after a couple of nights using the issue/stolen from the yanks type cot my back is killing me , thought I might give one of these a try.
Price's seem to range from £60 - £200 + depending on who makes it , I find that often with this type of kit you very much get what you pay for , also it needs to be of a tactical colour not some dayglo orange hue.
Thoughts and advice please gents
Hennessy or DD Frontline both got lots of positive reviews in the last hammock thread, though if it's back problems that you're looking to solve a 22-year-old nubile Swedish masseuse would be better. You can still tie her to trees.
Top of the range Hennesey will be way cheaper than the divorce if I take option two ;-) .
I wouldn't complain if she was 32 even .
Hennesey get good reviews but I can't find anyone who actualy has or use's one .
I've got a Hennessy, easy to set up (snakeskins from RVOps a must) but if the weather's going to be heavy a bit of string used as a ridgeline for the tarp stops it gathering water in pools which can leak. If there's wind or it really is hosing down I tend to sack the included tarp off and just use a basha sheet instead. Could do with the double-layer fabric other models have to allow you to shove a mat in between as it gets quite cold. Make sure to tie some string to the main rope just above either end of the hammock, as there's nothing to stop rain running down the fabric and making your arse wet.

Still better than sleeping on the floor though if you've got the choice; shop around as you can get quite a bit off the asking price.
Top of the range Hennesey will be way cheaper than the divorce if I take option two ;-) .
I wouldn't complain if she was 32 even .
Hennesey get good reviews but I can't find anyone who actualy has or use's one .

Look on the bushcraft uk forum, loads of people there use hammocks. No they are not all tree huggers you would be surprised at the number of former squaddies that still like to go out and camp in cold, wet and wind blown locations..........for fun. Go to the forum tell them what you want it for and they will point you in the right direction.

Additionally you can have a looky looky at the top hammock forum, its septic run but gives good reviews of whats available and also and importantly how to use it properly.

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I have one of these in a nice subdued colour not a bright hippy beach holiday thing, you can find them on ebay and there are importers for them in the UK - mine was around 23 quid some years ago and its still very useable:

HAMMOCK SHOP|Parachute Hammock|Hammock Manufacturer TTTMKING SIZE HAMMOCK

Tips: Get a double hammock for single person use and a kingsize for two people, that way you will be more comfy - trust me. Bin the naff hardware that comes with any hammock you buy and get a couple of superlight carabiners instead, makes it easier for installing. Watch the fatty Mears vid on youtube for how to best rig one. Also, dont use rope or cord for hanging the hammock use some 30mm polypropylene webbing (a couple of 5 metre lengths normally works) ....... ace supplies or ebay.


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I got myself a Hennessy hammock on my last tour. Was vehicle mounted, so it was nice and quick to set up with just a couple of karabiners and the included webbing straps and strapped onto some bar armour.
I liked the fact that it had an integrated mossie net, as setting up the issued ones on a camp cot could quickly become a pain in the backside. It also gave you a bit of your own space for a while which could be a godsend after three or four weeks out on the ground!

Used it in the high heat of the summer and it was ideal. Not had much experience of using it in the wet though.


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There's a couple of hennesey reviews by arrsers in the review section
There are quite a few posts on Natural Bushcraft in the forum and a video of setting up a DD Hammock The biggest problem that I've found with a DD Hammock is finding trees in the right place to sling one.
I sometimes think that a small tent from one of the better manufacturers may be a better thing; couple that up with a decent Thermorest or Alpkit mat and that should solve your problems
I have seen Hammocks slung on the sides of vehicles but as I would need something a 432 or a Bedford to counter my vast weight, I haven't tried it :)
Hennessey seems the way to go but it seems they are only available in a light green colour from most suppliers in the uk .
Another question - zip or velcro ? I favour the side zip option but have no experiance of either type , I already have a parachute silk hammock that is comfy but is not exactly tactical in colour that i use when home so know that sleeping in a hammock suits me.