EXPED SLOT - RED SEA (Brothers) 17-24 DEC 05

EXPED SLOT - RED SEA (Brothers) 17-24 DEC 05

BSAC Sports Divers (or equivalent) and above are invited to apply for this Sub-Aqua Diving expedition aboard MY Blue Seas http://www.divingworld.co.uk/blue_sea.html to the Red Sea (Brother Islands).

The Brother Islands are two rocky pinnacles located in the centre of the Red Sea. Barren and sandy above water they come alive below with pristine reefs overwhelmed with millions of fish. The shipwrecks of the Aida and Namibia provide unusual and challenging wreck diving due to their steep angle on the near vertical reefs. Due to the isolated location they are exposed to strong currents that attract larger fish, including numerous shark species – Hammerheads, Fox, Grey Reef and Silvertip and also Manta Rays and Whalesharks.

For more details contact the expedition leader, Richard Booker, by email to rjbooker@doctors.org.uk or http://www.amsdiving.co.uk/expeds.html.

Pre-exped training is available via Gib-UK 1216 http://www.gib-uk1216.org.uk

Please also see http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/p=368775.html#368775


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An excellent place to dive - I was there a few years ago. We spent a week on a liveaboard (easy life) and saw some fab sites. Lots of coral, pretty fish and a good range of sharks.

I'd certainly go back there again if I wasn't otherwise engaged!

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