Expat sympathy?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ooooh_matron, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else not give a toss how uncomfortable/scared/in-danger these oil workers, English teachers and tourists are?

    If your company doesn't have a repatriation package then the tax dodging wankers can suck it up and pay out of your pockets to get home or across the border, or sit in the sand and wait. Tourists who choose to holiday in a tyrant's back garden deserve all you get. You slag women who bent over for a moustachio'd Libyan man and now are trying to get your mocha kids back can thank your dripping minges for getting you in to trouble.
  2. It's hard to disagree with that.
  3. You take the money you take the risks.

  4. totally agree
  5. Ah! The chairborne warrior's equivalent diatribe of the politics of envy. If we can't have an armed forces that goes around the world shooting up Johnny foreigner and protecting our own then what's the point?
  6. While I agree with you I still think the whole evacuation was handled like a chinese fire drill.

    Seeing as they are earning a few quid will they be paying towards the cost of their evacuation? No fcuking chance.
  7. Agree 100%.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Funny a while back I posted fuck em to the very question about poor stranded ex pats

    No sympathy for thenm whatsoever

    Nearly ripped the radio out of the car listening to some twat bleating about how unorganised the whole thing was

    Why not be grateful someones actualy coming to get your fat tax dodging arsee out of there

    "10k a week tax free to work in Iraq Cheers ears"
    "Help Help I'm chained to a radiator send the SAS or my wife will cry on T.V."
  9. There was a woman on the telly yesterday moaning that the goverment could not get her husband home. "I have 3 small children on half term and i can whip up this media storm. But the goverment cant get my husband home". What so you picked up a phone and for some reason a news channel gave a fuck about your story. Thats quite the media storm.
  10. My bold - Our government at the time made the 'escapees' from the Kuwait affair pay for their way home. Those who made it to Jordan were informed by our Embassy there to cough up £600 / person. Those who pleaded that they'd got out of Kuwait with the clothes they stood up in were obliged to ask UK relatives to provide the cash.
  11. Exact same 'theres fuck all real news to report' as happened with the whole Sky sports sexism shite the other month, so we'll hype th fuck out of this none story. Have any of the expats been killed, raped or even robbed? As has been said those out there working are making a mint tax free and now demand that the taxpayer funded FCO and military come and rescue them knowing full well the risks when they moved out there. Aid workers aside they can all fuck off or turn up at the airport with a cheque for 20% of what they've earned out there.
  12. I never knew that, thanks for that Alec.

    Regardless of my opinion on the matter I still cant get over what an embarrassing abortion the evacuation has been. Watching William Vague on CH4 news blaming everything on private companies for not providing aircraft that he booked four days after the shooting started really turned my stomach.
  13. Spot On

    I can see my wife on telly "Help my husband is stranded in Bognor and he won't be home to cook my tea tonight can you go and repatriate him to Southampton"...Boo Hoo

  14. Somehow, the FCO screwed up here - possibly looking too closely at the trade agreement and not enough at human lives.

    But, believe me, when they organise a repatriation, they charge the full amount!
  15. My heart bleeds purple piss for their predicament, and my shit is itching watching the bleating fuckers on the news.

    PRO TIP: If you don't want to be stranded in a 3rd world shit hole... don't go there.