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Expat Buy to Let Mortgage Advice Needed

I am working on contract outside the EU and have had a fixed rate Expat Buy to Let Mortgage deal on our family home in Wales for the last 3 years . The house is currently let to a long term tenant. The deal is with Ipswich Buiding Society and it expires in December 2010. I am therefore looking for advice on either current best deals or recommendations for Morgage Brokers that specialise in expat BTL. I would also be grateful for advice regarding better ways to manage this process, for example is there a better way to manage the mortgage than expat BTL?

Any advice gratefully received.
I'm in Dubai and just managed to find a someone to lend against my buy to let self employed expat house in Bristol. The lender is handelsbanken. I went through an excellent broker who worked his nuts off sorting out the deal. If you want the details pm me.
Hi I can help you if needed.

I am currently arranging a mortgage for a chap based in Egypt. You have to bear in mind that main stream lenders won't consider you unless you are paying UK tax and have a registered address in the UK that you will come up on when a credit search is undertaken.

That said assuming you do there may be more options available.

For more info feel free to email me mikeydeller@hotmail.com

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