Expanding .303 for hunting in UK?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by dombo63, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Apologies if this is a stupid question, but does anyone know if it's possible to stalk deer in the UK with a 303, and if so whether expanding ammunition is available? I am still at the probationary pre-FAC stage with my two clubs and have only ever seen 303 rounds in the blue Prvi boxes and they all seem to be FMJ.
    I only intend applying for two full-bores on my FAC, a Lee Enfield and a .308/7.62 and asking for both to be okayed for target and hunting (the latter to be on paid stalks or always accompnaied by mentor/experienced stalker).
    Thanks for any advice
  2. Yes it possible and yes it is available. You're not going to walk into many shops and buy expanding .303 so reloading may be your best option, there are .311 (or .312 is it?) expanding bullets available.
  3. This shop in Gloucestershire sell 303 150 gr soft point 20 rounds for £27.30
    Mark Hazels Gunroom
  4. Here in UK deer are not 'hunted' they are 'stalked'. 'Hunting' here in UK is done on horseback wearing spiffy clothes.

    Hence the term 'deer-stalkers' and not 'deer-hunters'.

    Just sayin'.

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  5. Capitalise.
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  6. Thanks. What if I was planning to do it on horseback, but wearing a deestalker hat?
  7. You'd be sent home for being improperly dressed.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Yes and yes, Norma do the best in my opinion 150 grain soft points but you may find PMP kicking around. remember if you cant get all from one source you will need to test the ammo to ensure that it groups at the same poi as you are zeroed to. Also you can safely load the 123/125 grain M43 soft points from the Russian 7.62 x 39 as that is also a nominal .311 bullet too.
    However should you just fancy a classic cartridge that does the business then 6.5 x 55 fills everything bar Boar and then you could go to 7x57 or 7.65 ARG. - RUAG Ammotec UK Ltd 7.65 x 53 Argentinian (Really Belgian) Mauser using the same .311 bullets and available in the UK. Good quality sportered mausers are cheap and easy to find.
  9. Don't overlook Kynamco, either.

  10. I suggest you go away young man and look up the origin of the ghille suit.

    Last time I checked you cant "stalk" a deer on horse back as they will smell the horse.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No worse than approaching on foot wind at your back! In fact deer are less bothered by livestock than humans!

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  12. I've done all my deer stalking with 303. The question you need to be asking though is "which 303 rifle?"

    Being practical, you are going to want a telescopic sight on it. The jury rigged mounts that clamp onto the charger bridge of Lee-Enfields are really not the answer. This means you either buy a No.4T (Loads of money) or you have a sporterised rifle such as one of the many converted by Parker Hale in the 1960's.

    Problem with the latter is that they are often knackered and many weren't done very well in the first place. The best thing to do is have a sporterised one for stalking and a standard one for service rifle comps and, perhaps, close woodland stalking with iron sights.

    Be aware though that to get a sporterised Enfield properly sorted could end up costing quite a bit of money.

    To answer your ammunition question I would suggest handloading or buy from Kynamco. I had some Sako once but I think they discontinued it.
  13. "Stalking Horse" :roll:
  14. But you would have dogs as well.

    Once the deer began to run it was an open hunt, the stalk's just the creeping up on it bit.
  15. Thanks everyone. I had figured on using open sights over no more than 100 yards or so, but after my first experience of shooting a Lee Enfield over iron sights at the weekend at 300 yards I have an awful lot of practice ahead of me before I'll be going after any live quarry.