Exotic shotgun rounds

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Gadgwah, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Don't know if I should post this here, or in the Winsor / ACPO thread.

    Came across this site, 12 gauge flechette, 1″ darts - Specialty Ammo


    Besides others, what is the score about owning this one in UK? Just curious like!!

    They do do beanbag rounds etc.

  2. Ideal for those snipers who let you get within 25 yards of them then.
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  3. Armour piercing incendary 12 bore when you really need to setfire to somone wearing body armour :)
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  4. Seen the Dragons Breath one, Good for firework night!!

    BTW I know solid shot is on ticket, but what would be the score with a flechette round?

  5. You can buy flechettes by the pound in septicland, there is a bloke who has been advertising them for years in Shotgun News.

    Ask yourself this though, did you ever see any in use with the military? The septics trialled them in Vietnam and they did not go down too well with the users.
  6. I was one such septic (12 gauge and 40mm). In the open they were ok but any foliage and they would go all over the place, sometimes even back toward friendlies. OO Buck was better for both weapons. As I learned the hard way (they did not come with any instruction manual), the M79 beehive and buckshot rounds did not use the high-low pressure system for grenades that provided the signature "bloop" and relatively mild recoil. Instead they were proper cartridges that had a rather "impressive" recoil especially on the first shot when you were expecting a bloop.
  7. So just how accurate can you get with an M79? Apocalypse Now lick your thumb and drop it on them accurate, or somewhere nearby accurate?
  8. the yank sog are using a buck shot 40mm bomb in m203's
  9. VERY accurate with experience. The round is traveling slowly enough to watch its trajectory and even with the break-action a good grenadier can make adjustments while the first round is still in flight.
  10. Russian chap testing a few including dragons breath and strung buck.

  11. Indeed--it is the progeny of the M576 buckshot round. It contained twenty-seven 00 buckshot, this round was devastating at close ranges. The pellets cast a cone of fire 98 feet (30 m) wide and 98 feet high and travel at 882 feet per second (269 mps).
  12. Is that Jarrod's shotgun?
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  13. You do know that he's really a yank don't you?

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  14. They were surprisingly accurate out to about 350 metres. We never had beehive rounds when I was in. Just HE and prac. M79 still had a bit of recoil but was very quiet though.
  15. the most exotic thing i ever fired
    was a standard 12 gauge
    loaded with a stack of 1 cent coins
    after seeing it in a cowboy film
    wouldnt do it again
    i type with two fingers because i want to...