Exotic Locales and Rare Delicacies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Feb 5, 2005.

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  1. Got to talking to my son who is on a Recce to Ken-Tuk-Ee to plan a Can /Am combined Ops Ex.[ Fort Knox has a way cool Hollywood style SFX site for FIBUA/OBUA training.] and he claimed disinterest in the locals' predeliction for Bourbon an' Grits..

    got me thinking of the ' exotic ' places members of HM forces and allies end up at Gov't expense and the local cuisine that finds its way in and out of us..

    I recall Cyprus and Goat's Nut's Stew..[ interesting variation on Prairie Oysters ]

    local butcher was offering bull's pizzle on sale.. claimed it made for a nice light breakfast fried like sausage and, he claimed, if unexpected company arrived just give it a rub and voila - dinner for six..

    and a certain Middle East Kingdom and Lamb's Eye Soup [ put me off pickled onions for life ]

    anyone else have a fond recall of the ' high road to adventure ' and the dysentary and related lower intestinal disorders that accompanied such sojourns into cross-cultural encounters?

    don't drink the water should be rule no. 1 on any campaign literature..there ain't enough Halozone tablets in the world for some spots...
  2. Camel in Oman! I'm sure it was butchered with a chain saw.
  3. Was our 'tentmate' DS back on solids for that one?

    Any Belize afficionadoes will surely remember Macey's Cafe in BC, where you booked a week in advance and got to eat whatever their hunter had managed to catch in whatever bit of jungle he was in. As I recall, the last time I was there we had 'Gibnut' (which was a big fück-off rat), armadillo, snake, dog, cat and various other exciting delicacies. Best thing about the place was that you paid what you thought the meal was worth, and if you didn't like it - supposedly anyway - you didn't have to pay.
  4. Not too exotic, but in 1992 I once had a compo all-in at the top of R16 in South Armagh, before we realised that our water bowser was contaminated with DDT powder by the brick we had relieved (There was a bit of a disagreement between two full screws)

    I nearly shat myself inside out for about three days afterwards, but the best was yet to come. On mid-tour training, the whole incident came to a head between the two teams at Ballykinler and a massive tear-up erupted. Before we knew it, it was a full scale bar brawl between 156 Battery of The RA and B Company of The Green Howards.

    Almost every man was involved in the now legendary 'Battle of Ballykinler' and there were chairs and glasses flying everywhere. The upshot being that four Green Howards and one Gunner ended up in Hospital, the Gunner though having been dropped by one of his own in a kind of mid-fight FRAG.

    An deliberate own goal, as it were....

    The following morning, everyone was on parade and many were sporting interesting facial additions from the night before. I'll never forget their CSM pacing up and down his own blokes chuntering "F*ck me! My Company looks like General Hospital..."

    Later on that afternoon, some joker decided to paint '4-1' on their Regimental flag, which was a bit daft as the rest of their Regiment was due to arrive at Ballykinler that evening.

    Some enourmous Regimental boxer called 'Hells Bells' who had hands like shovels and who had heard about the events of the previous evening wandered into our accomodation at lights out offering out anyone with an RA Capbadge.

    You should have seen the size of this geezer. Many of us zipped ourselves into our sleeping bags that night and pretended to be dead.....

    Of course, I can laugh about it now, but it all started because of a dodgy Ruby....
  5. No, you may remember that Mr 'I spent 2yrs out here and know all the ropes' was still flat on his back passing more sh*t than the Labour Party Conference.
  6. LBdr classic man classic!

    Croc, roo, emu, dog

    Still waiting to try snake :D
  7. Snake tastes like chicken but slighty oilier, wombat and cat taste like rabbit
  8. Well, he got a sun tan, lost some weight and didn't have to work. Sounds like an ideal holiday really. :D
  9. Ram's Egg Kebab
  10. Manatee, Bald Eagle, spotted owl, Florida panther.....
  11. Curried Goat in Jamaica the whole thing had been hacked up with a chainsaw and then thrown in with rice, veg and curry powder and god only knows what else. It was frigging gopping and I had to live on this for 3 days. My boys thought it was highly ammusing as I hate curries and went green each time we ate it :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  12. Dog, live octopus, raw sea urchine, other raw sea creatures == South Korea

    sea slug, snake blood, turtle blood == Taiwan

    blut wurst == Germany

    alligator, snake, shark == not really on tour

    still would eat most of it again except for the sea slug and dog :D
  13. Met one of those street-vendors selling huge insects such as big beetles, cockroaches, crickets and locusts in Thailand. Ended up buying a big bag of deep fried fuckknowswhat. It looked a bit like a big grasshopper. Tasted a bit like chips.

    Thought it wasn't too bad and tasted ok till I got round the corner again and the antennae's and legs stuck in my throat. :D
  14. Had that for 6 weeks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Well, just for the first four or five days, actually. Being in Kingston, we made it to the Sheraton once daily for burgers instead. As that cost $$$ per round, and no LOA to help, we ended up eating all the sauces on the tables. Strangely, I like a good goat curry now (without eyes, arteries and reproductive parts, though).
  15. Had the same experience with deep fried locusts in chili sauce on a hilltop in a Mexican Army trg area once, except the wings, legs, etc tended to get caught between the teeth. For a carapace-free treat, I can recommend Bulls Balls on Toast, with 1/2 litre bottle of vodka, as served in the best Georgian restaurant in Tbilisi. Not an easy thing to get started on. To mis-quote Rod Stewart, 'the first cut is the hardest'...