Exotic Causes of Death

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Baghdad-Brit, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. Along the lines of the Tarot Card type - check out:

    Your Exotic Cause of Death

    Any other bear shaggers out there? - I was killed attempting bestiality with a Kodiac Bear.

    The shame of it. :(
  2. sh1t ... i'm going to drown whilst bobbing for apples ....

    i was thinking more along the lines of "heart attack during cocaine fuelled sex romp with 5 hookers"

    a la John Entwistle (although he only managed 2 hookers ... f*cking lightweight)

    oh well :D
  3. Well that was dull, I was Struck by a Meteor.
    I would have preferred to mauled by a mob of midgets… oh well
  4. killed.. crushed to death by a giant duck ????
  5. Impaled by a rod of frozen urine expelled from a jet!

    Just plane pished then??
  6. Shite! I got holy-ghosted by a f****ing dragon! I knew I shouldn't have flipped it the finger.

  7. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    When your death comes, you will be
    Decapitated by cannibalistic head-hunters! 8O

    Bring it on, that mean getting noshed by 72 MILFS :p
  8. Stung to death by a swarm of killer bees!

    Bugger :evil:
  9. [align=center]When your death comes, you will be[/align]
    [align=center]Struck by a Meteor![/align]

    [align=center]What less likely then being struck by lightning? That's right, a meteor strike![/align]
    [align=center]Just your luck![/align]
  10. Meteor here as well. Someone pass the sheet steel brolly.
  11. Slaughtered attempting beastiality with a Kodiac.

    B*llocks. I'd survive and the hairy fat bastard would be limping for a fortnight.
  12. Struck down by a meteor, oh well.
  13. Oh! Great Stung to Death by Killer Bees. I can’t see how any of the Questions you have to answer could lead to that. Perhaps I was smearing my Kn0b with Honey preparatory to getting next doors dog to lick it off when all of a sudden .
  14. Otherwise known as noshing sailors in the men's room at a train station. :D

    What scares me is I scored the same...
  15. Crushed by a giant duck, ah well whe pigs fly i suppose