Exotic British spy who defied Gestapo brutality to the end

Exotic British spy who defied Gestapo brutality to the end

By Alan Hamilton

The story of a prince's daughter and the SS guard who tortured and shot her has been uncovered.

When her 225-page personal file was released recently by the National Archives in London, it was found to contain one extraordinary fact: the name of the SS camp guard who beat her to a pulp before shooting her through the back of the head. Yet she never betrayed a secret and died with the single word liberté on her bruised and bleeding lips.

One of only three wartime women to be awarded the George Cross, the highest decoration for gallantry away from the field of battle, Noor is the least known. Her fellow Resistance workers have been commemorated in feature films: Odette Hallowes was played by Anna Neagle in Odette and Violette Szabo
The Princess Spy, Timewatch, BBC Two, Friday May 19, 9pm

Violette Szabo, born in Paris in 1921 to a French mother and English father, joined SOE after her French husband was killed at El Alamein. Landed at Cherbourg in 1943 to organise a Resistance movement that identified bombing targets. Returned to Limoges to co-ordinate sabotage of German communication lines for D-Day. Was captured four days after invasion. Executed at Ravensbrück in 1945.

Odette Hallowes, born Odette Brailly in Amiens in 1915, moved to England with her first husband in 1931. She offered SOE family photographs of the French coast, was landed on Riviera in 1942 as radio operator for the agent Peter Churchill, then was betrayed, imprisoned and tortured. She briefly married Churchill. Died at the home of her third husband, Geoffrey Hallowes, in Surrey in 1995

Sounds like a must view.
"She was ordered home, but declined to board the RAF Lysander sent for her and carried on transmitting as virtually the last link between the Resistance and London."
Deepest respects.
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Not quite on topic but related, a few years ago I had to read 'Inside the Gestapo' by Helene Moszkiewiez. She was a 20 year old Jewish girl in the Belgian resistance who managed to infiltrate the Gestapo in Brussels. For anyone interested in the subject it is a fascinating and sobering read.
Just finished watching this program, what a woman, an extremely courageous young woman,she still kept lying to the end after she was captured.

Awarded one of three George Crosses awarded to women during the war.

Interstingly she nearly failed her selection course but scrapped through because of a shortage of wireless operators, yet she still lasted much longer than her collegues and was only sold out in a fit of jealosy.

Makes you wonder how effective the SOE selection process was for predicting future competency (now there's a topic for a PHD!!)

courageous young women, and an excellent programme.
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