Exit at 12 Year point will I receive anything

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by honda1100, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi
    I am about to reach my 11 year point and have decided to call it a day with the intention of giving 12 months notice. Which will take me to my 12th year.

    Without startling anyone in my unit with any hint off getting out and asking questions I would like to know if anyone here knows if there is a financial payment on getting out at 12 years plus?

    I will possibly hang on to check redundancys out in Feb however in the unlikely event that my trade, rank etc is not on future tranch it would be good to know if any payment would be received and what is the payment called etc.

    Thanks in advance for any useful replys.
  2. A set of steak knives?
  3. I'd wait until the 'list' is released in Feb. if you are on it, apply. It will get you out by Feb 2013. Which judging by what you are saying sn't too much of a wait in comparison.

    You'll get a lot more out of a redundancy package than just the '7th click of destiny'.

    One is a couple of grand resettlement and the warm glow of the barracks in your rear view (after 12 months). The othe rcould be substantial... use this to find out what you'd get.
  4. Aside from medical/redundancy, the only thing you get at 12 years is your 10 grand resettlement bonus and your usual resettlement allowance and leave.

    I'd definitely wait till February and see if you're on the potential redundancy list if I was you!
  5. Thanks for reply chocolate frog. Due to current job I am unlikely to appear on tranch 2 I know that redundancy would be a better option that's why I will wait until next tranch is out just prefer to know what is possibly available on a normal exit.

    Twony I don't cook however the wife might take the steak knives if I get some of them.
  6. Thanks Jimmys best mate.
  7. No harm in waiting mate, use this time to plan, plot and recce (remember time spent on planning, plotting or recce is seldom wasted).

    See if you get some extra courses before you go (ie C+E and Hazmat).