Existential Musings

Truth in advertising? I hope his dick doesn't live up to the label

Man tattoos 'MINI' on genitals to win free Mini Cooper - Sympatico.ca Autos

and in other news, the South African government is banning eating raw fish off naked women..

this from a country where the top man collects wives and everyone wears flaming rubber tires for necklaces.

Still, there may be hope.. in Japan they've come up with " ToyLets" - when men go to the urinals in public restrooms they can play games while relieving themselves. the toilets can test the power of your stream, offer 'rapid fire' targets, measure the power of the stream and other gimmicks..
Too bad there's no home version -thought it probably wouldn't sell as the majority of Japanese men prefer to sit down while taking a piss. and I'm sure the wives wouldn't be too happy tidying up after a competition.

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