Yup given EMU have very kindly organised it (rather than when the army demanded to take control a couple of years ago and instead of the pristine Nottingham Uni pitches we had fields on slopes the last occupants of which were loose boweled cows or council grit lorries, leading to the OTC CO's justifiabley boycotting it; typical arrogating something running smoothly and f**king it up must have been the PTI corps.........sorry rant over) hopefully it will be well attended with all the usual suspects. It was a great occaision and it will be interesting to see who the daddy is. Unfotunately our RSM is currently crook so cannot play (to the relief of crap referees and opposing tight heads). See you all there.


War Hero
Yep, we'll get a chance to see how good youse lot are when you play Wales in the warm up match :D More hospitalizations I foresee :twisted:
Yup you did well, but I think crunching our RSM (who is as welsh as they come) was a bit of a surprise from Wales OTC. Still we have another secret weapon now so stand by. Should be a good match
BTW try Tough Guy next year....that is our real strong suit.
Oooo, wait till we've got our full side out, including the players that play for Wales and the Army :p It's not Godzilla is it? Besides its all abou the football :wink:
the rugby doesn't matter. we should organise some force on force against you welsh lot!
When I were at Eggzecter, all our supporters used to cheer the team to victory by chanting 'Your Dad works for my Dad' ad infinitum....It deeply upset Wales and Brissol OTCs, but Newcastle and Oxford seemed to find it funny...I can't imagine why...

Have things changed?
Also, do Hooky, Blink, the Greenslade boys and Saigon Cyril still lurch about Woivern Barracks, mumbling unintelligable gibberish? Them were the days. Aaar. Mustard rash from Woodbury common....G+T on survival weekends....seduction on stag....jumpers for goalposts....
us lot vs youse lot!
Exeter UOTC covers plymouth uni right?
whats it like having to go over to exeter all the way from plmouth for every training session and parade or do they have seperate times at the different uni's and come together for training etc every so often??

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