EXETER UOTC Selection Weekend

Anyone joining Exeter or Plymouth Uni (or any Uni in Devon and Cornwall) who wants to consider the OTC, Selection W/E 6-8 Oct. More details about society's fairs etc at exeteruotc.co.uk. For the weekend turn up fit with a positive attitude and you will have no problems.
See you there
There are three evenings next week (go to page exeteruotc.co.uk'how to join'); that will tell you more. They take place at Wyvern Barracks 1830 2 3 or 4 Oct (ring the RAO 01392 492537 for more info) or go to the society's fayre (Plymouth Sat 30 Sep Exeter 1 Oct, both 1000 to 1600). The evenings will reveal more but are not compulsory. The selection is as much to let you have a look at us as vice versa.

Really dont worry too much about fitness, its not SAS selection and if you are a normal 18-20 year old who plays some sport u will be fine. If you are hopelessly unfit then it may not be for you. The OTC won the national inter OTC sports competition weekend so has a lot of very fit people, but there are all shapes and sizes and fitness levels.

The people to question are the students; you will get a frank presentation from the CO and other training staff and can question them but the students helping run the recruting are the ones who are some of the ones who have got the most out of the OTC and they will give you a completely honest appraisal.

Hope this helps
ill be there! haha 8)

anyone thinking of going on this then just do it!! i reckon its gona be a great weekend
well done to those who got in
pretty gutted tbh
am now looking at the comando engineers or UAS

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