Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by extrader, Dec 12, 2004.

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  1. Has anyone got any information on Exeter OTC?
  2. Met a lovely lass from exeter at larkhill in oct, blond hair nice tits, anymore like her would make the unit well worth joining
  3. What you have to understand is that Orifice bases the quality of an OTC on its female members. Sod the experience and expertise of the staff, it's all down to the birds! That's why he likes his troop so much. :D
    Apparently... :wink:
  4. Keep posting geezers this is good stuff!
  5. Well the JUO of my troop has good taste....
  6. Hmm... I've heard that he shags anything with a pulse.
  7. he's a bit of a bicycle yes
  8. Well if that is it about Exeter OTC it sounds like it needs livening up a bit. Thanks for the input anyway.
  9. but u like boys........
  10. If it's nice lasses you're after, go to Leeds, some top quality there! And avoid Glasgow like the plague........ :twisted:
  11. watch what you say about all glasgow girls
  12. I think buggrits just about got it right actually and pti you know thats only half the truth... that said your stuble did look pretty dashing yesterday fancy a drink sometime?
  13. everyone wants me... i'm touched (and no not in that way and def. not by orifice)