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On the Exeter OTC website it says: 'throughout the year their are many opportunities only available to military personally such as driver training, commando cliff assaults, specialist survival training and specialist weapon handling'. It says the same thing on bristols OTC website. However on bristols website it says that these opportunities are open to O cdt's whereas their is no mention of O cdt's being allowed to do this specialist training on Exeter's website. Do you have to be in the army before joining Exeter OTC to go on these different courses?

Can you get the Duke of Edinburgh's Gold award at Exeter OTC? Their is no mention of it on their website either.

Is the specialist survival training and cliff assaults part of exercise green student?

What other training exercises with the army is their apart from green student, airborne student and utopian vagabond?

Also what does utopian vagabond involve?
I closed the thread initially to stop it being crayoned over, but have since been advised that some of the comments I made on the syllabus have been superceded by changes in the past couple of years so I've re-opened the thread, but intend to moderate the usual crayoning.
In a nutshell

DofE gold - no, may have done in the past but not now

The only survival I know of is done through an ex LI Officer who is an absolute guru in the subject - teaches Ray Mears everything he knows apparently

Cliff assaults - not seen that one yet although some members of the unit did the French Commando Confidence course a few years back when they had their annual camp at Saint Cyr in France

Ex Green Student, do you mean Ex Commando Student? If so, don't know, they may have but knowing Royal they probably just got thrashed about on the bottom field/Woodbury Common for a weekend.

'Dynamic' Vagabond was a weekend with the RAC playing Rommel.

There are other attachments to various other units and various RAAT tasks which are open to all OTCs, they mostly come direct to the unit asking for help.

About the joining the Army bit.... All OCdts are members of the TA so yes you do have to join the Army

The OTC websites have just recently changed (thanks Media and Comms for not telling anyone) and Exeter UOTC is now Exeter - British Army Website

Any questions please email ExeterOTC-mailbox@mod.uk or ring 01392 49 2452
Look on the euotc part of the otc's section on the army website. The Exeter UOTC website itself hasn't been updated in years.
Unless there are big changes for the unit this year DofE won't be done there as it has not been carried out for at least the last 4 years - I can vouch - and probably a lot longer since if at all. I was under the impression it was something you did at 2ndary schools, and some cadet forces..
Moggy, I don't know what site you are looking at if its the old locally produced Exeter UOTC site Exeter University Officer Training Corps then this should have been taken down years ago.

The extant site is this one on the Army website which Media and Comms at Army HQ have just recently moved and updated (without telling anyone) Exeter - British Army Website this was done about a month or so ago and the only thing needing change are the pictures.
That was what I was referring to. The Section on the British Army Website is of course up to date, but when I was in a position to look for EUOTC, the first thing that popped up on google was the old locally produced one. Apologies if I was unclear.

The point on DoE still stands.
Ok. Thanks everyone. Which uotc is best in your opinions? I doubt I will get my d of e gold in cadets as you have to be 4 star passed. At the moment I am halfway through bronze level and I only have 4 years and 9 months left.
Everyone will prefer their 'own' OTC. Choose the university you want to go to in respect of the course content, feel of the place and grades they require, NOT which OTC is there.
Everyone will say their OTC is best. Go onto the Infantry forum and ask which regiment is best to view a similar battle of handbags.

I assume you've joined or are thinking of - you won't be able to join another OTC, unless you're at a different uni. You will have a good time, and meet good people. OTC does provide a good experience.

As Timble says, choose a uni first and then see about OTC later.
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