Exeter OTC - Dual Winners

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by stottie, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Just a note to make sure that everyone knows Exeter won both Ex Lightning Strike, and the Engineers games! C'mon lads.....
  2. Give-a-fück-o-meter? Low
  3. Only because ULOTC weren't there. :lol:
    Ah well... Good job lads and lasses.
  4. Well done Exeter!
  5. Sadly we were present for the engineers job, but again lost someone in the gap while bridging, you lot care too much, but well done.
  6. Yup and it's not as if Exeter has Special to Arm Wings, just infantry and a hard core of geezers and lasses who can turn their hand to anything!
    Good effort!
  7. I would like to point out that Exeter ran around lightning strike with a large hamper of wine and cheese, i also noticed that the girls also had very dirty knees, or at least the ones that looked like girls......... wonder why?
  8. Why has this thread been resurected? It's ****, there is no banter, and everyone now knows that Exeter won. Enough, surely?

    Getting rid of Sex Tourist was a crime, as it was actually amusing.
  9. Mutt, It was resurected because i decided to post on it, that ok with you??
    I thought that everyone should be aware that these people wanted to win sooooo badly that they went to bed early, got up early and carried around a case of cracker barrel and a few bottles of buckfast.

    Piss off Mutt, you arrogant cnut.

    Eddited to call you a cnut, not a computer generated star.
  10. Wot are you going on about?
  11. Whaaaat? Everyone was already aware, make_safe, you child. Well done for carrying around a case of cracker barrel and your Buckfast (not something to be proud of, twätbag, especially the Buckfast) Do you see a thread dedicated, say, to CEUOTC's glorious KGVI win? No, you do not. We are exceptionally proud of our win, but do we crow on about it on ARRSE?
    I get the distinct impression that you may be a recruit-type in your UOTC, and consider carrying a hamper around with you witty and urbane. To make such a huge point of this implies that you are a sad and lonely little man, to whom the hamper was a momentous occasion.
    Out, you fųcking ballbag
  12. If you think Exeter OTC need a hamper to win a competition come to the TA X Country Champs and we will whip your arrse......guaranteed!
    See you there.
  13. Shut up, I've not said that I think you need a hamper to win. Don't actually remember any mention of TA X-Country Championships, so I don't think we'll be seeing you there at all. Just as well, really.
  14. Chaps, you have all rather missed the point somewhat. The aformentioned 'competitions' (with the exception of KG6) are not really competitions as such, particularly in the case of Ex Lightning Strike they are merely familiarisation visits dressed up as competitions to get little scaley-iophile individuals as yourselves excited. Alot of units scrape together all the otherwise worthless individuals with nothing better to do of a weekend and say "right, you lot are the 'volunteers' for the REME and you lot the R Sigs." The exercise phobic winners of said 'competitions' are then drawn from a hat by the organisers, there's nothing competative in it, but don't let me discourage you, carrying around unleven bread and bad wine is very, very, very, very, very, very, very..... stylish, just think if you found yourselves a Padre you could have a little communion on Salisbury Plain and then God would like you more and send you to more exciting events.

    P.S, this is not my log-in, so please direct any replies into the abstract void that is the world wide web rather than towards the noble 'Celtic Warrioress' whose computer I have borrowed.
  15. Oooooh its the militant dictator, speaking to us through the body of another!