Exeter or Nottingham

Exeter or Nottingham OTC?

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Convince me.
Basically I have to change university next year. Either Exeter or Nottinham. The clincher is going to be which one has the best/ most active OTC. I'm already in another OTC so I know what it's all about.

Why should I join yours?
I worked closely with Nottingham UOTC until last summer. Cracking bunch of students & staff. The CO is mad as a bicycle but very good at the Officer training stuff, especially getting OCdts through Briefing and Main Boards.

TAC is a bit cramped, but handy for Chetwynd Barracks where there's a huge Training Wing and DCCT/SAT.
Hmm tricky. I rate both OTCs. EMU is the top OTC in terms of numbers of OCdts through TA Sandhurst and certainly organised the Queens Cup in 2006 extremely well. Exeter is smaller but I wouuld submit as good. To be honest I would go the best academically and only choose on OTC basis if they are equal for your studies (from what I hear both are good universities as well).
We don't have any TASOs at the moment. However, one of our OCdts was trying to organise it and the Training Major was very keen. Unfortunately, the individual in question wasn't successful at AOSB so it never materialised, but I believe the intention is there if people want to become TASOs.

I am Royal Signals TA based at notts we did a recruiting event at EMU for all those going through that did not get selected they had chance to get the officer pip through the TA. what i do know from that is we had about 5 guys come to join us who are going to do TASO after they completed the recruit training. so EMU does do the TASo thing if you want any more info PM pass my details over & that of my Troopy who may be able to give you some advice if you wanna come join the TA Signals that is

Which OTC are you in at the moment ot of interest? BTW have a look at chinup.org.uk for a photo montage of the last 2-3 years activities.
I'm with Queen's at the moment. I've settled on Exeter and I've accepted a place at the university so I'll deffinatyely be there next year. I spoke to my OC last night about getting a transfer to exeter so I don't have to deal with the hastle of paper work/ no pay/ mtq1 all over again..

Had a look at chinup..impressed!
Delighted to hear your choice, yup we are Exeter and Plymouth, the Barracks is in Exter and Plym come up (40 mins by coach) every weds. Weekends depends where we are training but as often in local area (Dartmoor/Woodbury) Plym go direct. In terms of strength at the start of the year generally more Exeter Uni join but the dropout rate is a litttle higher as the Plym students have to think harder at the beginning about commitment. I think at the mo we are about 60/40 but the true title would be Exeter and Plymouth University UOTC; that is too long and clumsy so we stick to Exeter UOTC. It is in all respects an equal partnership and there is a friendly rivalry. PM me for more by all means.


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