Exerts from books that made you laugh

Vince Bramley: Excursion to hell.

On board the SS Canberra en route to the Falklands the big white whale pulls in at Freetown, Sierra Leone to take on fuel. After upsetting a local patriotic family the boat up anchors and pulls away and a few of the local boat people flock around the bottom of the boat retrieved coins lobbed over board by the bored Marines and Paras.

one of the Para's turns a hose on one of the boats and sinks it, much to the amusement of the others. As he did this he said

'That will teach you for you sneaky attack on Rourkes Drift'

Still tickles me now.
Almost anything from "Don't cry for me Sgt Maj" about the Falklands war, or the later book "Try not to laugh Sgt Maj" about BAOR in the eighties. Classics and a must read for any self respecting squaddie.

A story from the second book tells of a tank crew on ex who when refused service in a gasthouse by the barman/owner, they put the muzzle of the tank main gun through the door and fired a blank round, totally trashed the bar. Serves the ungrateful boxhead tw@t right. :lol:

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