A broadsheet published an article last week suggesting that only 30% of members of HM Forces had registered themselves on electoral rolls.

With an upcoming election, the suggestion was that the current government were not particularly worried about this statistic, and were not actively looking to resolve the situation....

I wonder why?

If you are not registered you cannot make a difference! Do it before it is too late!

You know it makes sense!
Good point well made Spider.

I'll see if I can get the form put up somewhere as a download again.

Actually, now would be a good time to get a "Viral" campaign going, to make sure people get this form.

In other words , send the link to at least 5 of your Forces buddies.

When I can refind the link (URL) I'll post it here.

If you can copy and paste the link in an email, and then send it to five of your mates, with the message to send it to 5 of their's , that's how it will start.

Could I prevail on Mr. PVR , Viro ,LWM , Dui or Lord Tim for a suitable (Non-Partisan) message to accompany the link?

I have said it time and time again , making sure Armed Forces personnel have the access to their democratic right is crucially important at this time.


One reason we keep getting shafted by successive govts is because MILLIONS of normal British people think "I can't make a difference, it's only one vote" and sit at home anaesthetising themselves with corrie and Big Brother, then spend the rest of the year moaning about govts that don't solve the real problems of society and instead pander to special interest groups like the Animal crazies. The reason they do this is because those special interest groups CARE enough about their issues to use their voting power.

As an example (albeit a rather simplified one), the army alone has 103.000 regular soldiers, add the TA and ex members who still care about the organisation but take with them the political apathy they had while serving. If they were all to voice, politically, their discontent over the way a govt was running the military - that's a lot of votes, and a sizeable pressure group.

The reason you may feel that the govt doesn't listen to your opinions or concerns over crime, health, immigration, the EU and the general direction this once great country is heading, is because they don't have to. Why should they? You don't put them in a job.

If the sedated, sensible but apathetic swathes of middle England started to vote again, the voice of moderate, intelligent Britain would return to politics. PC, superficial euroliberalism would stop affecting your lives. And I ask you not to waste it on UKIP type nonsense and I despair at the "might as well vote for BNP" sentiments I hear more and more of now - the blokes we remember on 11 Nov didn't pass us the flame to empower stupid cnuts like that.

A government that knows its country is watching its every move, and will act with the vote if they screw up, will behave itself accordingly. If they start to see a migration of all those juicy votes away from the core values of their party, they may be quicker to provide alternatives. Heaven forbid the political race could become more diverse than the 2 horse - one lame, one gutshot - race that exists at the moment...
perfectly summed up RTFQ! :D :D :D

you get my vote.

agent smith
Could I prevail on Mr. PVR , Viro ,LWM , Dui or Lord Tim for a suitable (Non-Partisan) message to accompany the link?
My pleasure....


Or how about...

You joined up to defend democracy...now practice it. Register to vote in 2005.

That last one might not work, as the message may not resonate with someone who joined up for different reasons ie. no prospect of a job elsewhere, the psychopathic desire to commit institutionalised murder, the fact that previous generations of one's family had done nothing else, a coin in the bottom of a pint glass, the inability to outrun the press gang, the desire to join a forward-looking and well-equipped fighting force....etc...

In fact, strike out that last bit about the forward-looking and well-equipped fighting force - no one's that stupid! :twisted:
Actually, can someone come up with something punchy and catchy for a byline , as well as the main text.

Oh, and an OP Name for this exercise?
OP. STEEL VOTE or some such? :D

Journos - Look in
Follow these links for the relevant downloadable forms and other FAQs:

1. If you live in England, Wales or Scotland


2. If you live in Northern Ireland


3. If you are a British citizen living abroad, but you've been registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years, you can apply to be an overseas voter. If you were too young to register when you left the UK, your parent or guardian must have been registered.


4. If you are working outside the UK as a Crown Servant or as an employee of the British Council, you can still register to vote. You can also register if you are married to a Crown Servant or British Council employee and you are accompanying them during their employment abroad.


5. If you or your spouse is a member of the British Army , the Royal Navy or the Royal Airforce , you need to be on the electoral register to vote in UK elections.

If you are based overseas , you can register as a service voter throughout the year by filling in a registration form for members of HM forces. This form allows you to register at an address in the UK. To get a form, you need to contact the electoral registration office for the address where you were last registered to vote in the UK. In England and Wales, this office is based at your local council.


If you are based in the UK , you can register as an ordinary voter at your current UK address. If you register during the annual canvass of UK households from September to November, you will be added to the register from 1 December. If you were not registered during the last annual canvass or have moved since then, you can still register by filling in a standard registration form. You can also register as a service voter if, for example, you think you may be posted elsewhere at short notice.


Whatever way you choose to register, you have to renew your registration every year.

Voting by post or by proxy

When you register to vote, you can also apply to vote by post or proxy. Postal votes are usually sent out about one week before election day, so if you are unlikely to be able to receive and return a postal vote in time, you should appoint a proxy (someone to vote on your behalf).

6. If you are unable to register at a particular address because you are either a patient in a mental hospital, a person remanded in custody, or homeless with no fixed residence. People in these circumstances are entitled to be register as electors by making a declaration of local connection.

This can be done by completing a form available from your local council electoral registration office, the contact details for which you can find here:


Declarations of local connection can be made at any time throughout the year, and must include details of where you would be living if you were not detained or a patient, or a place where you have resided in the past. A homeless person must give details of where he or she commonly spends a substantial part of their time.

Persons who register because they are in a mental hospital or in custody can only vote by post or proxy. Homeless people can vote in person if they wish. If you are not sure whether you are eligible to make a declaration of local connection please contact your local council electoral registration office, who will inform you of your options, available here:


To paraphrase PTP - you've got to be in it to win it! :D
But who else can people vote for?




The current Gov know this and know that they can do anything they want.

We need a credible opposition!
Is there a way we can do this in a nonpartisan manner, if we try and push for one or other party we may put off some of the guys who don't express political opinion for the same reasons they don't practice religion - as soon as you express an interest some nobber in glasses and tweed tries to get his claws in you.

Lets encourage people to vote THEN stress the issues they might want to consider, then let them decide.

Hook line for the less politically minded:

"Improve your credit rating - Register to Vote"

"Iraqis didn't vote for Saddam, You didn't vote for your Government. You can't drop paveways on Tony if you get tired of him..."
Is there a way we can do this in a nonpartisan manner, if we try and push for one or other party we may put off some of the guys who don't express political opinion for the same reasons they don't practice religion - as soon as you express an interest some nobber in glasses and tweed tries to get his claws in you.
Hows about this............I've only just logged back in so may not be my best effort

"Ever been Deployed? - Time now for your vote to see action too. Register to vote on 5 May."
You obviously haven't had your evening tipple yet LWM :D

Short , Punchy, Military-stylee
After ,

You seem to get more errrr 'lucid' then

So does Dui-Lai 8O

Is it a Medical thing? :D

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