Exercises at RAC Trg Reg, Catterick

Discussion in 'RAC' started by zulu33a, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Just met up with a few old boys from late 83/ early 84 intakes and the question was asked,"what was the name of the 4th week exercise??"
    You know,the one where you packed all your kit in your '58 webbing and tabbed over (what seemed like) all of North Yorkshire?

    I recall we were shown how to make a bivvy out of the poncho(on a 1:10 slope in the woods next to a noisey stream) and cook(ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ) :lol: compo,then run 5 miles back to camp. :x

    We all remembered Ex FieldFare in the 8th week but this earlier Ex has some (very) old sweats perplexed,
    Any help gratefully appreciated,
  2. Ex Ramble :)
  3. Ahhh!!! intake 83/08. remember it well.

    1st Tp Bsqn QOH. SSM Bi**le, Tp Sgt Catt*l, cpls Hamil*on, Di*on,Hu*hes and lucz*k

    Basta*ds :wink:
  4. Those that went thru the QOH era, what was the name of that TWWAAATTTT Sgt with the lisp and red setter?
  5. Lewis, He was my Tp Sgt too!!

    AKA Lips. I have his bloomin dog in my pass out pic, fichter bag o' schiesse it looks too

    His brother was a Tp Sgt in my Regt.
  6. Ah, well done Woofy, you put us old un's to shame 8)
  7. LCpl Hamil**n is now a major somewhere at manning and records!
  8. Kin ell 8O
  9. It was `A` squadron QOH lads.
  10. ok, just another alzheimers moment
  11. I only remember the odd thing too mate but I was part of that set up , down ther bottom with the Cent outside the block.
  12. I was in 84/01 bloody cold most of the time but enjoyed most of it apart from getting beasted in the nick.
  13. dagger well well I was in one of your intakes in 84 lol small world.