Exercise World Cup Spoiler

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, May 25, 2006.

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  1. Cracking idea - exercise is what we joined the Army for.

  2. A valuable opportunity to test our trade skills in the field.

  3. An interesting experiment in trying to get more than 60 Int Corps in the same camp at once.

  4. Just a teaser for the brigade, who will now expect literally dozens of us to support them on any fut

  5. What sort of f*cking idiot staff officer plans a f*cking enormous exercise during the f*cking WORLD

  1. So what do we think of the alternative arrangements for June anyway? Nobody really watches that football thingy anyway. Especially soldiers. We're not patriotic at all.
  2. i see it's just jocks and taffs and other non-competing nations voting tonight then :)

    voting for exercise indeed...
  3. You do know, now that you have said that your poll is doomed don't you? :D
  4. By no means CR - a truly dreadful idea.
  5. Now I get it, a made up exercise by 1 MI Bde. Lets face it, they're really going to deploy as a formed body of men. This utter sh!te is why I sometimes really hate the army and occasionally the fcukwits than run our Corps. Lets face it, most sections are several bods down thanks to our numerous operational commitments, so lets fcuk around the remainder that are doing at least 2 jobs! I do occasionally wonder why so many good operators sign off............
  6. THIS is the sort of thing we need a Federation for. bugger pay and discrimination stuff.
  7. Believe Engrs are playing too 8O
  8. well its only a game of foot ball...
  9. i'm not blaming 2 MI Bn - we're just supporting a massive exercise. i'm blaming the people who planned the massive exercise in the first place...
  10. Who Said That?

  11. I voted for the top one, I'm not on the exercise so I'm a selfish b'stard. But tis pretty **** though from what I have heard about it. Is it a proper green exercise or will it be in and out of camps with Naafi's?
  12. I'm on the exercise myself, and yes, the timing is pretty piss poor. But in fairness, it's a Theatre Troops ex, not just the glorious Corps, so we can't really blame this one on 1 MI Bde. There will be lots of other formations there as well as ourselves, including engrs, medics, chunkies, to name a few.
  13. Farkinell, this is spooky! I try to write the phrase "p1ss poor" and the software automatically changes it to "urine poor". Hang on a mo, does that mean that when I type the word "urine" it will automatically be changed to p1ss?
    Let's try a few more:
    big dog's cock
    New Labour
  14. You would think the Command would have a bit more heart, wouldn't you?

    It's not like the World Cup has snuck up on anyone. Having said that 4 Div did exactly the same to us in 1990 - Nessun Dorme, my arrse!

    Furthermore in 1990 they even gated us in barracks during the infamous semi-final, and stood by and did nothing as the Geeermans chucked bricks over the walls to add to our National humiliation.

    A decent Command would have organised a massive exercise IN Germany to coincide with the event, with occasional wash-up halts to coincide with the England games. The Jocks and Taffs could have been invited to cheer along in a show of national unity and healing of old wounds............ or stagged on, the bitter, whinging fecks!

    Chance missed I say.

    Oh well, I will have to watch it for you all. :D
  15. if i give you my mobile number, can you text me as the goals go in please? :)