Exercise tunes


War Hero
So, I've decided I'm going to become a STAB. Before anyone starts with the abuse, I've been lurking here for a couple of months and read it all, so no need to bother with the inevitable abuse.

I need to get to a decent level of fitness, so I've started running. To keep my motivation up, I reckon a dedicated playlist for my iPod is required.

To start, I reckon Eye Of The Tiger is essential. All other suggestions welcome!

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My suggestion is that you use the search function and read any one of the many other threads covering exactly the same topic.

"Fail" for idleness


I agree with Duke, this has been done a few times before.

But.....search on iTunes for Podrunner. They're free, and have different BPMs to train to.


War Hero
Cheers PrinceAlbert, will give that a go.
Mago,not sure why you think you will get abuse.If I were younger,I would be in the queue behind you.
Good luck with it.


War Hero
Seems to me there's a number of ARABs on the site that enjoy nothing more than a spot of STAB-baiting, and a green STAB is a juicy target...

I'm not expecting any problems at my unit, they're really supportive. Cheers for the good wishes.