exercise tropical storm

Being pedantic here, is it an exercise of X weeks, similar to Ex Grand Prix or an operational tour of X months?
6 Weeks in Belize, had a really good time on it with an week on adventure training. If you can get on it and enjoy your time in Cancun Mexico after the EX
Holdfast Camp, Rideau, Salamanca or Airport Camp?
Best ex I've ever been on. You will have great fun. There are a few other threads that have talked about the ex on site. Get past the normal cr@p about Rosies and there is some good stuff for you to see.


Lesson from all that have been before - PACK LIGHT!

Enjoy. :D
Did 2 six month stints '87 & '88 FART (Force Armoured Recce Troop)
QOHldrs first tour & 7(DoE) GR the 2nd, had to do the 2nd tour to pay off various R&Rs from the first!
Belize - you'll love it and wish you went for 6 months not 6 weeks.

i went as PRT and spent 29 days in the Jungle, was still a good laugh but depends how good you PRT is that will make or break you live fireing package, there is a realy good coy attack which last about 14 hours,

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