Exercise tips when one has a fcuked leg

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. Quite simple really, as the title suggests I'd like some advice on training whilst having a broken ankle. Contrary to suspicion :D I did not fiddle with the OHs skydiving rig, she just landed a little awkwardly.....and now she has a rather broken ankle. She's still talking to me (just) and wants an upper body exercise plan to ensure she keeps her fit physique. She's going to be laid up for the next couple of months so we're after some tips and hints from some of you fuckwits (PTI/Physio types..not the usual detritus of Arrsenders). The aim is to keep her fit for a strenuous exped later on in the year.
  2. Don't do any exercise at all until well, this will be a learning experience for your bitch.

    Doing pull ups and sit ups while injured is just asking for twubble.
  3. FFS, she's got a broken ankle, what's to stop her dong sit ups and a bt of weight work??
  4. Absolutely nothing. There are loads of weight training exercises she can do while sitting or lying on a bench. As long as she's not putting any direct stress on her ankle, she will have no problems with...

    Bench Press
    Pull Ups
    Military Press
    Lateral Raises
    Bicep Curls

    ...to name but a few.

    Cardio is not impossible but would require a specific piece of kit; I can't remember the correct term but it's basically an upper-body exercise bike. You sit down and turn two handles connected to a wheel.
  5. Thanks mate, very useful :-D
  6. Glad to be of service, my Lord. :D
  7. Great advice, I'm currently suffering from groin strain. What would you recommend for this?

    I was thinking of just slobbing out a bit for a few weeks. Maybe just letting myself go, so I can fit into my elastic top jeans I bought in canada years ago.

    Anyway werewolf beat me to it, was going to suggest the same as I bust my ankle playing footie a few years back. Q muscles put me through some good stuff. That arm pedalo machine is handy aswell, especially when you increase the difficulty or make a bit of an arm fartlek out of it. Got back into it using various cardio machines and swimming.

    My ankle still clicks like a rubic cube sometimes but is fine otherwise.

    Doing fcuk all as bollock chops suggests won't do her many favours.
  8. Thanks RIG. I sort of tuned Bollock-chops post out ;-)
  9. As you mention an exped, I assume you are looking at concentrating on aerobic performance and muscle endurance rather than turning her into Arnie. Have a look around your local gyms to see if any of them have a paddling machine. If you have no luck there, try your local canoe club.
    Or, if you're feeling flush, you could buy your own (a Lawler is around £1,000, a Speedstroke is significantly more).
  10. Having recently broken my ankle the thing that you need to watch is diet!
    I wasnt eating larger meals but the lack of activity meant the weight started to go on so watch the calories. Its also nigh impossible to start running again ( depending on type of fracture ) so an exercise bike is a good idea when allowed to start moving the ankle again.
  11. Flashy, as well as werewolfs good answer have you/OH considered some isometric exercises
  12. Is the ankle in a cast ? If so is it a full leg cast and how long is it on for ?
  14. I did receive advice from a physio that swimming is the best thing for an injury, as the body is completely supported so you're unlikely to make the injury worse, I'm not a PTI and it's second hand advice but it worked for me.

    When I could run and tab again after 4 months I hardly lost any fitness by just swimming.