Exercise Summer Leader 2011

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ex_Pompadour, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. To avoid the annual round of guesswork and speculation, here is the definitive list of courses as issued by the TA Cell at RMAS on 08 NOV 10.

    There are three Exercise Summer Leaders in 2011:

    2 DIV (NUOTC) 02-23 Jul 11 (TBC)
    4 DIV (LDRTC) 30 JUL - 21 AUG 11
    5 DIV (143 BDE RTC) 02 - 28 AUG 11

    The first two weeks are Module 2, the final week is Module 3.

    There are four other Module 3 courses:

    143 Bde RTC 18-27 MAR 11
    38 Bde RTC 8-17 APR 11
    51/15 Bde RTCs 03-12 JUN 11
    LDRTC 11-19 JUN 11

    RMAS will not recognise Module 3 passes from other courses.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    What is the maximum allowed time between passing Mod 3 and going to Sandhurst?

  3. RMAS requires that a PRACTAC 2 pass should not be more than six months old.
  4. Any idea if any of these SL courses will require subbies to attend and help with the TAPO training? Similar things have occured in past SL's and Mod 2/ 3?

  5. LDRTC has run three Summer Leaders and had assistance from 2Lts on all of them.

    All instructors should be DITS qualified, have attended the RMAS Train the Trainer course and have passed the Army Staff Leadership School Defence Train the Trainer course. But beggars can't be choosers and its always helpful to have someone still eager to run around checking stand-to positions at 4.00am.

    If you were in your position I'd make contact with the RTC concerned early and if they were receptive, ensure that I was available for the RMAS TTT on 22/23 JAN 11.
  6. My unit insists there is no TTT at RMAS at that time- the only one is Pirbright??? Also they say that all TTT's are the same and not tailored to training OCdts or SUTs. True or False?

    Anyway help on this?

  7. I don't know about that but our OTW had to do both, they did the Sandhurst one a couple of years before the ASLS DTTT came out.
  8. Your unit is correct, in so far as they understand your question. All DTTT are the same. However there are many types of TTT course.

    The ARTD Staff Leadership School delivers the Defence Train The Trainer (DTTT) course.

    RMAS conducts a completely separate Train The Trainer for those who instruct OCdts. It is not an alternative to the ASLS course. It is focussed on training for the TACC and includes such gems as setting RMAS standards, how to teach Estimate and Orders, how to run a PRACTAC and lessons learned from recent courses. This is a course for RTC OTW and OTC instructors which is why I told you to make contact with the RTC of your choice in good time.

    RTC OTW instructors have to attend both ASLS and RMAS courses. You are required by ARTD to pass DTTT if you train recruits, including OCdts. You are required by RMAS to attend their TTT if you instruct OCdts.
  9. My unit refuses to beleive there is one running at RMAS at that time? Is it fully booked?

    Any chance I can book myself on it?

  10. Have you read my last reply which was written for you? This is not a DTTT course. It is an internal RMAS course for TA instructors who deliver Mods 2 and 3 or MLDP2.

    The course is based in the South Atlantic Theatre. It has much more capacity than has been used on this course in previous years so there will be places available.

    You should ask the TA Cell at RMAS if you wish to attend.
  11. Apologies Ex_Pompadour, re-read you post.

    I got it now.

    Thanks for the information.

  12. Apologies for resurrecting this thread but has anyone seen an instruction for any of the above Ex Summer Leaders? Two of our TAPOs will be through main board in April and i'm trying to get them on one. Cheers in advance.
  13. Contact Northumbrian Univeristies OTC or London District OTC for JI's. I think they come out nearer the time. I certainly only recieved mine 6 weeks before (and my unit was excellent at passing on JI's).

  14. Just got the calling notice through from NUOTC, Summer Leader will take place over the period 01-31 Jul at NUOTC and Sennelager. The deadline for nominations is 31 Mar 11.
  15. The Calling Notice for the LDRTC Summer Leader was sent out to all OTCs and RTCs on 25 FEB 11.

    22 started Summer Leader 2010 and 17 of them passed. 16 of these commissioned the following month. If you want to attend this year, ask your unit to book you on via whoever looks after your TAPO training. Or they can contact LDRTC directly and ask to be sent a copy of the CN.

    The deadline for bookings is 30 APR 11.