Exercise Stereotypes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, Nov 26, 2011.

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  1. I've just finished a CFX at STANTA and witnessed these two during the exercise.

    USMC/Drop Zone/Silverman's Catalogue Man (Also known as Kit Slag).

    He no longer has webbing as we all knew it, he is just a mass of dump pouches and leg holsters. Nothing about his person costs less than 45 quid. As soon as he found out MTP was being issued, he was scrouring the web to replace the thousands of pounds worth of kit he owns in the now defunct DPM.

    On the other end of the scale - Issue Kit Man.

    Has never, and will never buy a piece of kit. If it's not issued he doesn't want to know about it. Still can be seen wearing a scrim scarf.
  2. The REMF- has time to sit around and check out other peoples kit.
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  3. Nowt wrong with a scrim scarf.
  4. Webtex man
  5. What about " Gortex addict "
    You see these cunts fully clad before you get even a wiff of moisture . , slightest bit of discomfort for these throbbers is a complete no no.

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  6. Commonwealth 1157 magnet man. Acts as if he was born on the surface of the sun, donning every single piece of warm kit he's been issued. Keeps it all on until endex and acts as though h e's been locked in a freezer for 8 hrs despite the ambient temperature being a balmy 12C. Has a similar productive output to that of a Hobnob biscuit.
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  7. Clearly we have met. I rather like my scarf, and consider it VERY ally (cut down to an appropriate size of course). It has been widely admired in recent years.

    I did buy a mapcase once though.
  8. That's a bit harsh. Biscuits have a use.
  9. What about those cunts who socialise in the gym rather than smashing big weights

    Seen on a friday afternoon pumping their little sticks up for the night out
  10. Then the fucking thread would be called 'Gym/PT Stereotypes', wouldn't it
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  11. Wrong sort of exercise mate. It was all much clearer when what is now called an Exercise, was called a Scheme. of course this was when we had a proper bolt action 10 round rifle.
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  12. Reet deet deet!
  13. Just to annoy PapaGolf I will add civilians that go for a 800 metre jog, and carry a bottle of water.

    This is about exercise stereotypes ;)
  14. Fair one. I've got nothing better to do all day other than check out other blokes kit as I service me mobile bath and laundry unit. Which reminds me, I might buy a MTP Molle, drop leg, dump pouch to put my washing powder in.
  15. But in fairness to the F & C, they're only following sartorial "Best Practice", taken from the Ghurka Engineer lead there.

    (Apologies to any readers that also end up with a bit of vomit in their mouths when considering the blight of "Best Practice" and "Total Quality").