Exercise Sharp Point

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Wyvern, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm thinking of options for my elective - not that keen on the usual medical cadet trip to the US, so planning to do half in Jo'burg, then half somewhere else- thinking of 3 options at the moment - Nepal, BATUS or Ex Sharp Point.
    Don't really know much about any of them, but I'd really appreciate any info, or contacts, esp for Sharp Point if anyone can help!

  2. i did an ex SP in 97, and it was brilliant. worked hard for long hours roaming around like nomads but it was riveting. if it still runs from around march time you will end up there in wet season whichis good bcause of the milder telperature of 40 degrees in the shade but, there's a stupid amount of rain in short bursts. so take shower gel for those short burst's bcos it gonna be one of the few times you get to have a shower whilst out there on the exercise.

    also, u need to swat up on the dangerous wildlife out there and how to deter them. learn bites and stings of the most dangerous creatures in the world and also the IA drills if unlucky enough ti get bitten or stung. everything is 20 times bigger than in the uk. and things like hornets are armour plated, they sound like a 432 track at full tilt when they fly at you and if they sting you you'll prabably die :S

    most things go towards water and one of these places is called death valley.
    its a mosquito riddled place next to swamps and most likely any other unpleasant creatures so pray you dont have to go visit people there as you'll come back scratching rofl. take some good repelents with u and mozzi nets.

    as for big animals, the sections you go with will have a weapon with them for these kind of issues should you come across them. but really you wont get bothered by anything bigger than a baboon, but they are cunning thieves. take it from me if they want something they will have it, and if i were you (unless its the weapons themselves rofl) i'd let them too they are vicious. i wouldn't like then to sink they 7-9 inch cainines into my flesh.

    and most of all remember before putting boots on, getting in your sleeping bag or changing clothes that you have hung out to dry, kick the living fk out of them just to be sure theres no beasties in them lol. it has happened and it's a painfully short tour if you get 1. on that note ALWAYS make sur every zip every pouch on your kit is ALWAYS closed when u have finished with em. snakes especially like enclosed dark places. oh and factor 5 million sun block is required lol

    have fun it opens your mind.

  3. 16 are going out around Easter

    ask them - quickly
  4. do you know if people are out there (on the exercise, obviously I don't expect the local population to vanish) between June and August? I'm not going until 2008, but we've got to start sorting things out now.
  5. have a chat with 2 Med bde at York - the TA desk will know, as they usually send out trawls for personnel

    I know they are looking for personnel to go on ex in BATUS in Canada shortly
  6. How do you know these things, you got fingers in every pie? :confused:

    You always seem to know who's going where
  7. ive got chuff all else to do at work, but sit in me office being nosey!
  8. Ah+, the fog over my crystal balls is lifting!!

    I see sheep, and hills, and

    more sheep!!!
  9. Brecon then
  10. No, thats me next month
  11. theres lovely for you - isnt it!