Exercise Scottish Soldier?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by dantum, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Anyone going on this LAL course starting 27th August?

    Anoyone been on one before? :)
  2. I've been on one before (it was a mandatory LAL course prior to going to ADSC).

    It's worthwhile & a good insight in to the ITC - I met 2 blokes on it who I went through CIC with and then on to battalion. Enjoy it!
  3. I think most recruiters have made it mandatory prior to ADSC (certainly how it was made out to me)
    How long ago did you go on it? appart from the practice selection stuff, what else did you do on it?
  4. I went on it July 2010. You stay at Redford barracks for the week & pop down to Catterick on the Wednesday for the 1 day insight (you'll see the assault course, speak to Jock SuTs, accomodation, scoff house, receive various briefs - if you're lucky you might even see a week 18 Jock platoon carry out FIBUA & luckier still see a week 22 platoon carry out a live section attack with grenades on the training area as we did :) !).

    At Edinburgh you'll get an intro to drill, assault course, more briefs, & on one day the DS will set up stalls for you to see the various weapons an infantry rifle platoon uses, mine clearance, very mini "march & shoot" event plus fizz on some mornings. I think some of the courses ran a bit of AT as well.

    You'll spend 24 hours in the field doing a wee buckshee harbour routine & the DS will do a blank conventional fire team attack.

    That's all I can mind off of the top of my head. Don't get wide with the NCOs - they won't treat you like SuTs as the course is designed to sell the RRS to you but they will beast you a bit if you're being a total cock. *Take a roll of bog roll with you for Redford barracks, there's never any there.
  5. thanks for the wee insight and the "advice"
  6. Do they run the course in Fijian?
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  7. Just finished pre adsc yesterday n got told about this. Was made quite clear to me that it wasnt compulsory but was worth while doing. different offices may have it as a compulsory activity but certainly not in mine. Anyway booked in from the 3rd sept onwards. Anyone else going same date give us a shout.
  8. Not only take bog roll with you but take one of those plugs that fit any size sink plughole.
  9. Guys, be careful as you are confusing two different courses here.

    Look at Life is at it states, its a look at what life is like in what you may potentially join as a job as Glasgow_Jock described, a more or less chilled out few days showing you what to expect.

    Don't get this confused with what is potentially going to be introduced to all which is Pre-Training Experience also known as PTE. This is not mandatory (at the moment) in any office but is highly recommended as it is to prepare you and to take away the shock value of training.

    This is a week (or however long it may be for your area) of Basic Training as it will be when you get to your training establishment. Doing PT sessions, room inspections and all the other lovely thing you get through training. So as silly as it may sound, this is where we try to get rid of you as if you don't like 1 week of it, you wont like 14 weeks (ATR Pirbright) or 26/28 weeks at ITC.

    For the PTE the figures don't lie, it has been proven those that have attended PTE are less likely to drop out as you know what to expect on entering training and then have the time to mentally prepare for it. Those that choose not to or for reasons outside of their control cant attend are at a greater risk.

    If you get offered this i strongly suggest you take the chance. I would think in time this will be mandatory anyway.

    Sapper Tapper
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  10. That's great news Sapper Tapper, I hope it gets made mandatory as our platoon lost over 50% of its original strength during the 6-7months at ITC which obviously isn't great for the battalions waiting for fresh meet.

    Despite all the LAL courses & careful nurturing / monitoring by the ACIOs, at least 25% of our original strength did not pass out due to DAOR alone & transfers.
  11. Glasgow Jock, are you implying that about 25% on the CIC drop out from DAOR and the other 25% get kicked off? Or do much less get kicked off and the loss is mainly from transfers/DAOR.

    I would have liked to have gone on that PTE course that sapper speaks of, mainly because I've nothing to do at the moment but also it would be nice to have an idea of what to expect first hand.
  12. We have been using it in NI for quite a while. The issue we have is its not part of the recruiting process so can not currently enforce it.

    We do however as stated highly recommend and influence them to go on it.

    There currently looking at how to employ, but with the current cuts and the like, who knows. All i know is our office stats and that of the rest of NI is very good for completion of both P1 and P2.

    Of late we our office has had quite a few going into RRS as a matter of first choice.

    The PTE course is very manpower dependent and ran by the ART, not all regions can afford to do this im guessing as we know it does work.
  13. RRS sorry?
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  14. Thanks for the Insight Sapper. I was told its a 5 day activity similar to phase 1 training as you've said. Got interview 2 on Monday and will be briefed on it with kit list etc. am sure it will be highly enjoyable and will give a good idea what to expect and how to prepare. I doubt I will need much cash if any but just incase should I take my bank card?. And also any advice on kit that may be useful that may not be on the list. Cheers.