Exercise scottish soldier?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Robp85, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Have just found out after passing pre selection day that before selection have to do exercise scottish soldier, i work full time obviousely and really do not think i can get the 5 days of, has anyone manage skip this?
  2. im literally just back from it mate, and i managed to get it off...
  3. If u want it that bad m8 ull get it of
  4. Hang on...Exercise...and Scottish Soldier in one sentence!!! I used to look forward to Fitness Weekends at the barracks...the friday and Saturday nights were always spent drinking and scoffing curries!

    Now a serious note...I thought Exercise Scottish Soldier was a 5 day "initiation" exercise where potential recruits could go along for 5 days to see what Army life is all about. I believe you do not HAVE to go.
  5. You are applying to join the army, that will necessitate leaving your job if successful, but your not going to take time off your present work.

    Its time to start backing yourself maybe!
  6. Of course im leaving my job to join the army but im not going to leave my job until i have a date for basic and leave shorly before i start that is common sense,
    i would love to do it but if i cant get time of for some time and i know i do want to join and dont need an insight as i also was sure it was id rather crack on. If it is the only way then thats what ill have to do just trying to see if anyone else been in same position.
  7. There were guys in my training platoon that didn't attend it due to work commitments, it isn't mandatory like the 9 day Royal Irish NPC course, but if you have some holiday time you should try doing it as you visit the ITC for the day & gain useful insight in to your job choice etc.
  8. Thx agn glasgow jock ill speak with my recruiter again and see what tey say as the guys who were medically cleared were told if passed will be on adsc next week
  9. Dont listen to these prats, who are on the dole and don't know what its like to have a job. I didn't tell my employer I was going in the Army till three weeks before my basic start date. Just because your employer won't give you time off doesn't mean your any less committed to joining up!
  10. Rebel ;) !
  11. It's up to you if you, go on it you may learn something if you don't well god know's. Put it this way "time spent on recce is always time well spent" You will go to the place where you are going to spend at least 6 months of your life and see what the place is like.

    Take it from some one who used to work there it is worth it.
  12. What the hell is this Exercise Scottish Soldier?