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Exercise Scenarios Needed Urgently

I've been hit with a fastball and tasked with planning an exercise for some Uni Officer Training Corps cadets. I desperately need a decent exercise scenario that I can modify/adjust to suit my plan. Can anyone provide me with some links or e-mail/message me some documents?

Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
You need some baddies

A failing grain harvest or a small faction who want an independent state of Fantasia

Some Goodies - your OTC bods

Baddies carry out small scale ambushes etc

Goodies know where they live so a dawn?night attack

Goodies win :)

Am sure that as you said you could adjust /modify you will be able to fil in the blanks
Which OTC? :)

How long a time period do you have to cover?As above but with some recce patrols of known positions, getting contacted a couple of times out on patrol.Slowly building up the scenario until the dawn attack at the end.

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