Exercise phone?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by armr617, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. The local 'REAL' (german version of tescos)
    has These for 99€

    thinking for exercise use after I drowned my phone in Canada (in Gatorade of all things)

    anyone used one?
  2. You can get waterproof crush proof boxes for almost any phone for a few quid. Isn't that better than shelling out for another phone?

    My phone is insured too, and automatically backs up when in range of my home PC. Losing or breaking your phone can be avoided quite easily, and even if completely lost, you can always load the back-up onto the replacement phone
  3. the jcb phone is facking nails

  4. It would be but for that arbitrary diagonal slash on the D-pad - making this phone the kind of builder who surreptitiously oggles his fellow builders bums as he comes back on from lunch.
  5. What do you need your phone on exercise for?

    Are you hoping to find that your mate who in HQ company who is one of the OPFOR might have his key setting and grid reference on his facebook status :roll:
  6. Have you ever used BOWMAN?

    Think we used mobiles more often than anything else on MM2! You always need 'other means'
  7. Pizza.
  8. get the land rover one instead then. it's a higher spec model, too.
  9. I'd sooner go down the route of losing comms, and showing that the kit doesn't work. Not because I'm particularly dedicated to improvement in MOD procurement but because last time I experienced lost comms on exercise we set up a hasty harbour and got our fat heads down for 24 hours before tabbing back into camp for an early end ex.
  10. my mates got one of those JCB phones and its the loudest phone i have ever heard ring,its sounds like an artic-truck reversing its that loud.Further to the BOWMAN statement,BOWMAN=B etter O ff W ith M ap A nd N okia
  11. Text your mom
  12. I hope you got your exercise phone off the ghost busters!
  13. Right you are. Haven't seen these before.


    Ahh, I love the smell of symmetry in the morning...
  14. aye... look back in the QMs forum and there's a whole thread somewhere.