Exercise "Pestonia" a "disgraceful slur" on Scotland says MSP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. The Press and Journal reports:

    War Games: Code name Pestonia is a 'disgraceful slur' on Scotland says North MSP

    A Highland MSP has attacked a massive wargame exercise for the north as a disgraceful slur on Scotland.

    Rob Gibson SNP MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross is furious that the Joint Warrior exercise planned for Cape Wrath and elsewhere around the Highland coast later this month, has as its code name, Pestonia.

    Its make-believe scenario is stopping a nation separating from a larger power by force.

    Mr Gibson said: "Pestonia comes hard on the heels of the two year-long cover-up of a nuclear leak at the HMS Vulcan engine test plant...

    Is the Joint Warrior exercise, in Ministry of Defence plans, an undisguised hint that Scotland could be a target for military action when we vote Yes in the referendum this September?

    The Westminster/Whitehall establishment seems capable of even deeper levels of disrespect to Scots who are the unwilling hosts of this land, sea and air assault on our north western peninsula of Cape Wrath.

    The military minds that thought up the name Pestonia and their aim to stop secession due to 'economic and ethnic factors' would be seen as sinister if we didnt just laugh at their crass disrespect to Scots."

    He added: "It's time for Westminster to call off the dogs of war from Caledonia as they themselves are the real Pestonia....

    Scotland's non-nuclear defence can prosper without the military minds that dreamed up Pestonia."​

    So is the exercise an undisguised hint that Scotland could be a target of military action when it votes Yes in September? If it is an "undisguised hint", would anyone have to ask if it was?

    Has the good MSP ever heard of the surname 'Peston', and does the alleged breakaway nation in the exercise actually correspond to the borders of Scotland?

  2. Oh dear lord.....
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  3. In tonight's news, shoppers in the Caithness area have found all the shelves have been emptied of Bacofoil.

    Is this guy typical of SNP MPs/MSPs? He seems a little unbalanced...
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  4. No - it is an undisguised hint that Gibson a gobshite Nat who will say anything to get column inches.
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  5. Is this guy typical of SNP MPs/MSPs? He seems a little unbalanced...[/quote]
    Unfortunately Yes. Perfectly balanced with a chip on each shoulder.
  6. Scotland's non nuclear defence? Would that involve lifting their kilts and showing their bare arrses to the enemy? Perhaps with a barage of empty Buckfast bottles. Wee 'Eck must pay for his crimes against the dignity of Scotland.
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  7. Which reminds me, there was a scurrilous story going the rounds a few years ago that one Scottish politician's (I forget which) vociferous campaign against low flying in the north Highlands was less motivated by concern for aborted lambs, etc and more by his discovery that Mrs Politician was allowing a Crab from a top secret Morayshire airbase to practice his probe and drogue skills in said politician's marital bed ....
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  8. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Did he mean Exercise Defence Warrior last year?


    Is he complaining about being one of the good guys? (Although someone with a sense of humour must have named the enclave...)

    As the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys were part of the exercise, I'm only surprised said gobshite hasn't complained about being invaded by a foreign power to boot.

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  9. Personally I can't wait for a yes vote so the invasion can begin. I think I'll keep a couple of Scots as pets, are they easily trained?
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  10. Sadly yes. The SNP thrive on paranoia and a sense of Grief whoring.

    We now have a situation at Dounray where the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, who reports to Holyrood was told about a low level radiative leak at Caithness two years ago, and now our beloved first minister is going über paranoid claiming its a slur on Scotland.
  11. For basic tasks yes, but they're bastards to housetrain.
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  12. I'll ask the wife.
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  13. It's a slow news day, and the Nats get awful paranoid if no-one's talking about them.
  14. **** that i'm all for sending the ones that have sneaked down over the years back anyway,have the brave gentlemen of the engineers been warned off for building a barbed wire fence miles long overnight like molesworth in the 80s.
  15. From the people who brought you the viet taff:confused:
    Squaddie sense of humour best not allowed near politics :clap:
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