Exercise Northern Mistral

Dear All,

there is a windsurfing exped this year going to a European country costing around £200-£300.

It will be a fantastic opportunity for novices to learn a great new sport, as well as the more experienced amongst you to get even better prior to the Army Championships which we, the Air Corps won in 2004.

Further to Corpsman's posts re:Rugby, can you all please advertise these details and get the younger lads to contact the Regimental Reps so that this opportunity is not missed.

I have been deliberately vague here as you never know who is reading this but the Regimental Reps know who to contact.

If you cannot go, or don't know anyone, please at least support those that are trying to get away as the Corps has an impressive history and an expanding membership that is improving year on year.

There are a lot of people that deserve the opportunity to get away and try something new which is something that inspired me to join the Army in the first place.

There is also the possibility of stuffing the crabs while we are there ; )


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