Exercise no longer realistic

Right, wasn't too sure where to post this one - and now everyone thinks I work for a paper (which I don't!!!)

I might be wrong but I was talking to a marine a while ago who told me about an exercise he was trying to conduct involving the MDP. They apparently we told they couldn't be involved because it would have meant them running on wet grass - which apparently they weren't allowed to do!

Is this normal and does this mean that training is essentially b*llocks and unrealistic because of health and safety regulations?
I'm not suprised that "everyone" thinks you work for a paper, or you are a Journo of some kind. lets hear your version of who you are and what your interest in exercise realism is.
Never mind running on grass, getting the MDP running at all sounds very unrealistic.
your username is pongo_pram! then you should have a rough idea as, well lets face it the RM can do everything para can and then some....
FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought the MDP had to wear surgical socks for the amount of time spent on their backsides!

I would'nt be surprised they are not allowed to run on wet grass, H&S has gone mental.

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