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I keep seeing references on here to exercises in Germany, ie crusader rob-roy etc,
it was that long ago I cant remember the name of the one I was on, is there a list somewhere I could look through giving exercise year by name?
Try this Site, they are all on there, helps if you speak German!

We used to do yearly ones, summer sales winter sales. went on one called Bold Guard when i was in an inf rear link det, oh and one called op banner, that was a long old exercise.


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I remember lionheart in 84 for the huge amount of forces involved and the damage done.
Saying that we had farmers asking us to dig in among there crops for the compo.


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Reforger was another.
Try this Site, they are all on there, helps if you speak German!

Had (tried hard to) forgotten lots of those. Spearpoint. Reforger, Shelldrake Sword etc etc

How many hours playing ******* Nommy?
Fcukin' hell, Mate it's years since I played that.......Crib was another fave. especially
'One for his nob'...........it made the younger bleeps giggle.........cnuts!
Redgauntlet, Flying Falcon(bleeps).......swing the light and put that Rifle in the rack.
Deep South was main one in 60's,BAOR. Used to do one in depths of winter, humourously called String Vest.How we all laughed.
Black Makie
Ex Grand Canyon sticks in my mind for some reason.


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Rim Gripper was a particular joy.

I always thought the Fantasians would have the most impressive medal rack.
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