Exercise Midlands Soldier 2007

It's that time of year again and the service has been strangely quiet on the subject of midlands soldier.

For those that don't know what Midlands Soldier is, it is one of five Army Careers Exhibitions (ACEs) that is conducted around the country and draws most of the Corps and Arms together under one roof, for a large scale week long recruiting event. It starts with an arena show and then there are loads of static displays by Units. Its good stuff.

I've always enjoyed the show, :thumleft: but understand that some don't share my views, and thats fine, if we don't hear from both sides of the fence how would we ever know what people really feel.

Anyway I thought I'd kick it off this year, and I really do welcome your honest thoughts on the subject.

So Midlands Soldier - Really good recruiting or rectention tool for the TA :headbang: or complete waste of time and a pain in the A#se?? :frustrated:

Balls in your court - Zoom

Okheres an honest view.....
recruting...yes it may work well
retention.....200 guys in shit accom for a week.....(or 7 weeks if your on the tour)
thats all i have to say on the subject...and that gos for all the ACEs.
Can you post up a link or three?

It might be a better tool if the staff actually told you what it was...as opposed to saying "anyone who wants to go, see me afterwards".


Never done Midland Soldier, but have done London Soldier. Great big event, good for regular recruiting but of limited immediate worth for TA recruiting. The main problem is that there are only limited numbers of TA suitable candidates and every unit there gets their names down.

We finish the event thinking "great, got a dozen potential candidates" but so does every other unit, and the names are the same.

It may have more long term benefits, but that is more KAPE or whatever it is called now.

Best I could do at a quick glance. Midland Soldier is recruiting event, primarily aimed at schools and colleges but does have a couple of nights dedicated to TA.

On the one hand it is one of the few examples of One Army Recruiting I have seen. The RAC stand last year integrated well across the board.

On the other it is a week of 'sowing the seed' in young peoples minds. If you take the long view it is very successful. If you want recruits through the door the don't expect great shakes.

Unfortunately CRR sees it all as a numbers game so anyone on the recruiting team will be harassed for months afterwards for recruit numbers from this event.

There are also prize draws of TVs and MP3 players open to both serving members and potential recruits, although they don't seem to differentiate, not only did I not win a TV but I received a letter a month later addressed to Sgt. ... at my unit adress thanking me for my interest in joining the Army but I was considered too old!!!

Draw your own conclusions, a good chance to see all the West Mids units TA and Reg but little chance of recruiting, and retaining, huge numbers of TA soldiers...
We participate in midland soldier every year due to our units locality to the event and we also have a very positive outcome from the event. Our recruits always enjoy the event because they see other parts of the army etc, and we get to talk to a lot of potential recruits and cadets. This year i have established a local link with connexions and invited them and there youngsters to the event to see what we do and what the army does. I have also contacted local cadet units. At our unit we have got a very healthy recruiting troop, with nearly 30 recruits, however we are constantly looking for more.
This month two of our soldiers are taking part in KAPE, and two others are taking part in an event for local youngster organised by connexions to try and sell the TA. I have also contacted the local army careers office, so we have now got Regular participation at the event aswell, therefore helping the one army recruiting policy.
I am extremely confident that all of these elements will secure even more recruits to our unit.
Many thanks all for your thoughts and views on this, I expect there will be a few more in the next week or so. We are all set up in stafford ready for Midlands Soldier 07, gota say I had a nose round today and its all looking good.

For Mcvickar, you will be pleased to know that with effect of the 1st of April 07 the upper age limit to join the TA goes up to 43 and the retirement age to 55, so he may even get invited to join this year :thumleft:

cool, still doubt I will win a TV though!!!

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